Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood From Selling Aborted Baby Parts

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 10, 2018   |   1:35PM   |   Columbus, OH

The Ohio legislature is responding to revelations that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry sold body parts of babies killed in abortions.

Today, Ohio Right to Life’s Unborn Child Dignity Act (S.B. 28) was approved by the Senate Government Oversight and Reform committee, 7 to 3. This legislation requires the humane burial or cremation of unborn children following an abortion. The legislation also increases informed consent for women seeking abortions. The Unborn Child Dignity Act is sponsored by pro-life Senator Joe Uecker. The legislation now heads to the Senate floor for a full vote.

UPDATE: The Ohio approved the bill hours after the committee passed it.

“Ohio Right to Life is grateful for the precedent set by the Senate Oversight Committee,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. “Human life is intrinsically valuable, and with this legislation, we recognize this fact by restoring some measure of dignity to aborted children, even in death.”

Ohio Right to Life prioritized The Unborn Child Dignity Act after the release of viral undercover videos in which top officials at Planned Parenthood were caught discussing the trade of aborted baby body parts. Later, state investigators discovered that Planned Parenthood locations in Ohio contracted with waste disposal companies that deposited the remains of aborted children in landfills.

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“We are at a point in our society where a vast majority of citizens support the intrinsic value of life, as well as providing a degree of dignity for those at the end of life,” said Gonidakis. “The nation is watching Ohio’s pro-life legislature lead by example and we are grateful for the men and women elected to fight for the sanctity of life.”

After the Planned Parenthood abortion company was caught in multiple states selling aborted babies and their body parts, several states have taken steps to de-fund it or at least stop it from selling the baby’s parts.

Ohio has been making big advances on the pro-life front.

An Ohio bill to protect unborn babies with Down syndrome from abortion became law in December as Gov. John Kasich signed the legislation. The measure bans abortions on babies with Down syndrome and it follows bans in North Dakota and Indiana.