California Pro-Life Democrats Endorse Pro-Life Republican John Cox for Governor

State   |   California ProLife Democrats   |   Jan 10, 2018   |   12:41PM   |   Sacramento, CA

Today California ProLife Democrats joined with the California ProLife Council, the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, In supporting John Cox for Governor of California.

“Mr. Cox is taking exactly the right approach in this state. Very few registered Democrats actually agree with the current, unlimited abortion and unlimited government-sponsorship of abortion industry required by Democrat leadership. These voters are looking for common sense on abortion, and some kind of protection for the child in the womb, not radical abortion polices of Newsom and the other Democrats,” said Brian Johnston, Chairman of California ProLife.

“Now, with the vocal support of traditionally minded Democrats, John Cox is picking up a vital constituency in this uniquely open, cross-over primary.

Both Doug Ose and Travis Allen can split the RINO (Republican in name only) vote, but throughout California’s history, as all Reagan fans know, it is the ‘cross-over’, traditional-valued Democrat that has been the greatest contributor to Republican victory.

‘Abortion supporting Democrats already have a place to vote… it is in their party… the Ose and Travis Allen will be competing for the few, ‘moderate (socially liberal) votes of the effete Republican swamp.’

Of all the governor candidates, only John Cox stands without apology for the actual principles of the Republican Party, especially on Life; principles that, as President Trump says, Make America Great’.

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Travis Allen demonstrates the threat that Cox poses on the Life issue.. Allen continues to weasel and lie about his voting record and call himself ‘prolife’ to grassroots activists, but his record has clearly demonstrated both bad votes and intentional avoidance of the issue. To this day Allen has refused to sign a commitment to legally protect a child in the womb, a commitment that every prolife candidate is more than willing to sign.

Newly announced Governor candidate Doug Ose, has a long history of also dismissing the significance of protecting innocent life, and postures as just another Republican ‘moderate.’

“Californians of both parties and even “Decline to State” voters… are longing for, and are looking to principled leadership with values and convictions.John Cox is the only candidate on the horizon that fits that bill,” said Johnston.