Mom Slams Doctors Who Told Her to Abort Her Severely Disabled Baby Girl, She Was Born Healthy

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 8, 2018   |   6:00PM   |   London, England

A British mother criticized her doctors for encouraging her to abort her unborn daughter after tests indicated that the baby girl could have a disability.

Baby Kyla-Shae Anderson was born healthy 18 months ago, and her mother, Kamelia Walters, 25, of South London, is grateful that she is alive, The Sun reports.

Walters said she also feels angry because her daughter would not be alive today if she had taken her doctors’ advice.

The young mother of two received the bad news in January 2016 during her first pregnancy scan at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting, according to the report.

“The woman said, ‘Everything is perfect but I just need to call my consultant,’” Walters remembered. “The consultant came in and said her bones were fractured in the womb.”

A doctor told her that her unborn daughter probably had Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III, or brittle bone disease, a genetic disorder characterized by fragile bones and other physical deformities. Type III is one of the more severe forms.

“I was so scared when I first got told,” Walters said. “They started telling me I could get an abortion. I was just petrified when I came home that day.”

She said she went home and cried to her mother. Later, she and her partner Lamar Anderson, 27, decided to choose life for their baby girl; they also refused further testing because of the risks it posed to their unborn child, the report states.

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When Kyla-Shae was born, she did not show any symptoms of the disease. Her parents were overjoyed.

“I said, ‘she doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with her’ and I just started crying,” Walters said. “I knew already somehow that there was nothing wrong with her and when she was born it just confirmed it.”

Walters said she still is haunted by the thought that doctors were willing to end her daughter’s life because of a possible disability.

Her experience is one of many. Parents whose unborn babies have Down syndrome or other disabilities frequently report feeling pressured to have abortions.

In 2016, a Florida mom’s letter to her doctor went viral after she faced a situation similar to Walters’. Courtney Baker said her doctor pressured her to abort her unborn daughter with Down syndrome. She refused, and later she wrote a letter to her former doctor urging him to see how valuable her daughter’s life is and how wrong it is to urge anyone to have an abortion.

Discrimination against unborn babies with disabilities has prompted legislation in several states in America and in Poland to end the eugenic targeting.