New Video Game Lets You Help a Pregnant Woman Kill Her Baby in an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 5, 2018   |   12:02PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists keep finding sick new ways to promote the killing of unborn babies. Their latest project is video games.

The new browser-based game “Trapped” claims to show players how difficult it is to get an abortion in the United States. Its creators also attack pro-life pregnancy centers and covertly push for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Programmer Kate Bertash said she hopes the video game will help players understand how women struggle to schedule an abortion and then afford to pay for it.

“I know lots of us support the ‘right to choose,’ but don’t often get exposed to why so many people can’t ever choose, including being boxed out by the expense or delayed past the time where it’s an option,” Bertash told The Daily Dot. “I hope then that even people who know they support abortion already, who maybe already call their legislators or take other actions, can know just how much immediate impact it can have if we give to abortion funds as well.”

Organizers developed the game as part of the Abortion Access Hackathon, an event held in California to push abortion through the information technology industry.

The Daily Dot reports more:

In a matter of minutes, players follow a simulation of someone who wants to have an abortion. In the randomly selected scenario, the player essentially “walks in the shoes” of this person as they learn they’re pregnant, assess their situation, make their decision, then attempt to go to the doctor, get their medical bills covered, find transportation, and get the procedure.

In some of the scenarios, the person is a teenager; in others, already experiencing menopause. Sometimes their procedures won’t be covered by insurance, and other times their doctor won’t speak their language and will need a specialist to come in at a later date. Sometimes they don’t have transportation to the clinic or are too far along to get an abortion in their state. These are all variables that contribute to a longer pregnancy, and subsequently a more costly abortion.

The creators’ extreme pro-abortion agenda comes through loud and clear in the game.

“Trapped” makes players think it is extremely difficult to get an abortion — something pro-lifers disproved in a recent investigation of late-term abortion facilities. Investigators were able to schedule late-term abortions as early as 24 hours after their initial phone call.

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The game also attacks abortion facility regulations, which state lawmakers across the U.S. enacted to protect women from horrific abortion practices like that of convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. The game erroneously claims these laws (referred to as “TRAP” laws) do nothing more than cut off women’s access to abortion.

In a scenario shown on the ad trailer, the game also makes the false claim that pregnancy resource centers lie to women. At the same time, the game claims to promote women’s choices, yet it never gives players the option of choosing life for their unborn child. Pregnancy centers offer women life-affirming information and support for themselves and their babies. When abortion activists attack pregnancy centers they attack women’s access to other pregnancy and parenting options. Abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood rarely, if ever, offer prenatal care or adoption support. They sell abortions.

Most women do not want abortions. Instead, many often feel that it is their only option. When they realize the life-affirming support available to them through pregnancy centers, maternity homes and other pro-life organizations, many do feel empowered to choose life for their unborn babies. Women do not need better access to abortion, as the game claims. Killing another human being is never empowering or necessary. What women truly need is more encouragement and support for themselves and their babies.