Planned Parenthood Launches Sexist Attack on President Donald Trump’s Judicial Nominees

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 2, 2018   |   11:17AM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood blasted President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees this week in a sexist attack against men.

The No. 1 abortion chain in America claimed Trump’s nominees are bad news simply because 81 percent of them are men.

“If confirmed, they could reshape the judiciary for years to come. Courts matter,” CEO Cecile Richards wrote online this week.

Except, Planned Parenthood does not care if the nominees are male or female. Their attacks against Trump’s conservative female nominees have been just as vicious.

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Margot Cleveland, writing for The Federalist, pointed out:

“Women, what women?” they scoff, finding sexism a sturdier basis of attack than judicial philosophy—or at least more easily translated into a midterm campaign theme: The War on Women II.  But Richards cares nothing about the sex of the judicial nominees. It’s all about judicial philosophy. Natch. It’s all about abortion.

Just one month ago, Richards penned an op-ed for The Hill targeting Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Why target Barrett if Richard’s complaint is the lack of female nominees to the federal bench? Well, Richards finds Barrett problematic because Barrett “has been a vocal opponent of Roe v. Wade, and she has publicly said that employers should be able to deny their employees access to birth control.”

The issue is not really about men or women, as Cleveland pointed out. It’s about abortion. The judicial system has been the abortion industry’s lifeline in the past few years after pro-life lawmakers passed a record number of laws protecting unborn babies in the past decade. However, pro-abortion President Barack Obama stacked the court with liberal judges who have been siding with Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocacy groups.

Now, Trump and his conservative nominees pose a threat to the abortion industry’s future. And that’s what really is worrying Planned Parenthood.