WATCH: Christian Couple Defends Decision to Have Abortion. “We’ve Prayed About It”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 27, 2017   |   6:19PM   |   Washington, DC

A couple who professed to be Christians recently ignored a sidewalk counselor’s pleas and walked into an abortion facility to abort their unborn baby.

Christian News Net reports a Facebook video (watch below) captured the 7-minute conversation between Kate, a sidewalk counselor, and a couple seeking an abortion.

In the video posted Friday, the couple claimed that they “prayed about it” before deciding to abort their unborn baby.

“I am not ready to become a mom,” the young woman told Kate. “I’ve got so many plans to do and I feel like a child [myself] right now.”

“I totally understand that, but I need to tell you the truth that you already are a mom,” Kate responded. “It’s too late for that. You already have a human child in your womb that’s just as valuable and just as human as you are. And so, what you’re about to do is not to undo that choice, but to kill that human.”

Later, when the woman said she did not feel an emotional bond yet with her child, Kate said the unborn child was still a child, no matter how small or connected they are emotionally to other human beings.

“Just because your son or daughter is really, really small and you can’t see him, and he’s really weak and defenseless right now, doesn’t make it less terrible to murder him than if he were older, or you could see him. He doesn’t change from a non-baby to a baby as he’s born,” she said.

The report continued:

The father of the child then chimed into the discussion.

“We understand that,” he said. “We’ve sat and talked about this and prayed about it, thought about it.”

“So, you guys are Christians? You’re followers of Jesus Christ?” Kate asked.

“Yes,” the father replied. “And unfortunately, we’ve got ourselves into this situation … and it’s not like we want to do this, but it’s something we feel like we have to [do].”

Eventually, the couple walked away as Kate continued to plead with them to give their baby a chance at life.

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“I know that this seems inconvenient, that you have a lot of plans, but I promise you doing the right thing and being faithful to God and being a good mother and father is better and will result in a good life for you then, whatever you have planned that you feel you have to get rid of this child for,” Kate told them.

Her final words to the couple were, “I will take your child if you don’t want it.”

“I don’t want to go through the process,” the woman replied as they walked into the abortion facility.

The heartbreaking video has more than 130,000 views on Facebook. The location of the abortion facility is not provided.