He Had a Tumor Larger Than His Head and Doctors Advised Abortion, Six Years Later He’s Doing Great

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 27, 2017   |   1:31PM   |   Washington, DC

When Kaito Kryvenchuk’s parents learned that he probably was going to die, they could have given up all hope and took their doctors’ advice to abort him.

Instead, the Canadian family decided that their unborn son deserved a chance at life – even a one in 50,000 chance.

The Toronto Metro reports Kaito is 6 years old now and doing well. Because his parents never gave up hope, he now is happy and relatively healthy.

Back in 2011, doctors told Charles Kryvenchuk and Tamami Suzuki that their unborn son had a massive tumor on his head, and his chances of survival were very slim. By the time he was born, Kaito’s tumor had grown larger than his head, according to the report.

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Before he was born doctors told his parents abortion was their only option. But thanks to a team of Toronto specialists — and Kaito’s parents, who sought second and third and fourth opinions — the miracle baby is now a thriving, happy kid.

The family’s story began in 2011, when Kryvenchuk and his wife, Tamami Suzuki, were living in Ottawa. During what was meant to be a routine ultrasound, the obstetrician discovered the tumour, called a cervical teratoma. The noncancerous mass on the side of his neck and head would eventually grow to 0.68 kilograms — a fifth of Kaito’s weight when he was a newborn, large enough to make it impossible for him to breathe.

Doctors put his chance of survival at one in 50,000, but Kaito did survive. The family eventually found a medical team in Toronto willing to perform the surgeries needed to save their son’s life.

On Aug. 5, 2011, Kaito was born at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. His parents named him Kaito because it means “strong samurai” in Japanese, according to the report. Kaito has lived up to his name.

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Soon afterward, the infant boy underwent the first of several surgeries to remove the tumor from his head. According to the report, doctors spent six hours removing the tissue from his neck and ear during his first surgery.

The report continues:

Aside from a scar and nerve damage making him unable to smile or blink on the left side of his face, he’s perfectly healthy.

Munching a slice of pizza in the Sick Kids cafeteria in November, Kaito was soft-spoken but goofy, make-believing his lunch into spaceships whenever his dad’s attention was diverted.

“He’s stubborn, he’s a fast runner, he loves math, he loves games, he loves being competitive,” Kryvenchuk said.

In the past 14 months, Kaito — whose family has since moved to the Vancouver area — returned to Sick Kids for three surgeries aimed to help him use the left side of his face.

Though Kaito hates having surgery because of the pain, his parents said he also has developed a compassionate heart for other sick children.

They described their son’s life as a miracle – a miracle that would not have been possible if they had chosen to abort him. Parents of sick unborn babies often are urged to consider abortion, but abortion destroys any hope of a child’s survival — and the child’s life. By choosing life, there always is hope for children like Kaito.

“How many times did he escape death?” his father said. “He’s had to and he just did … He just bounces back.”