Group Uses Fruit to Teach People How to Kill Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 22, 2017   |   12:19PM   |   Washington, DC

A pro-abortion group is trying to make up for the declining number of abortionists in America by teaching medical students how to abort unborn babies in a bizarre way.

Medical Students for Choice, a pro-abortion group that urges doctors to become abortionists, hosts abortion training workshops across the U.S., using papayas to simulate a woman’s womb. The group recently held a training for 60 medical students in Philadelphia, according to The Guardian.

The article made no secret of their motive – to train doctors to perform back-alley abortions. The very thing that abortion activists claim they want to prevent.

Each student group received a papaya and kit with a plastic abortion device and instructions on how to use it to kill an unborn child and then remove him/her from the uterus. The students were told that the kit could be used discreetly – even by the light of a cell phone — if abortion become illegal in the United States, according to the report.

“These are designed to be used in a hut in rural Zambia with no electricity if necessary,” instructor Marta Rowh said of the plastic abortion device.

Rowh and her group host these “papaya workshops” across the country. Several Catholic colleges have faced sharp criticism after allowing the pro-abortion workshops to be held on campus.

The report explains how students are trained:

There was a plastic speculum to hold open the vagina, a metal tenaculum, or pincers, to grip the cervix, steadying the opening to the uterus, a plastic rod for dilation, and a large, plastic syringe-type device used for the common practice of manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). She squeezed two buttons on the device to seal it, then pulled back the plunger, making a vacuum in the cylinder, then attached a tube from a sterile packet.

The students were transfixed. Apart from an encounter with a cadaver, their medical training had been all lecture halls so far.

Rowh put the tube inside the papaya and moved it carefully around to simulate dislodging fetal tissue and the related products of pregnancy from the walls of the womb.

When she released the buttons on the plastic syringe, it unsealed the vacuum and bright orange fruit flesh and dark seeds automatically shot out of the papaya and were sucked into the cylinder. It was so fast and effective, the onlookers gasped. The whole procedure had taken about three minutes; the time and the consistency of matter collected in the syringe were not dissimilar to what would take place during an actual abortion, Rowh said. In a power cut or need for extreme secrecy, it could be done by the light on a cellphone.

Ironically, Andrea Chiavarini, another instructor who works as an abortionist in Oklahoma and Kansas, described the back-alley abortion device as a “life saver.”

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When asked if they would be willing to do illegal, back alley abortions, several of the medical students said they would.

Oyebola Oyewole, a student at Morehouse School of Medicine in Georgia, said she wants to become a pediatrician, but she hopes to offer abortions, too.

“If necessary I would risk going to prison or losing my license. No one should have to do a self-induced abortion,” Oyewole told the Guardian.

Marley Rashad, who also attends Morehouse, said she would consider it. Her worry biggest worry seemed to be more about being caught than about potentially injuring patients.

“I want to provide a full spectrum of reproductive health for my future patients. But how would I screen people so the right ones get to me? I’d be worried about ‘plants’,” she said.

The Guardian, a liberal news site, made no attempt to tackle the obvious dangers posed by such a workshop. Like many mainstream news outlets today, it repeated abortion activists’ talking points without question.

One important question should have been if a short, one-time workshop (likely just a few hours long) is truly enough medical training for a student to perform a complex surgical procedure.

The report plainly stated that the purpose of the workshop is “to make up for the lack of instruction on contraception and abortion at many US medical programs.” Meaning, the students’ only abortion training may be that workshop. That does not sound safe at all, especially when instructors are talking about aborting unborn babies by the light of a cell phone.

Abortion activists claim they want to protect women from dangerous, back-alley abortions, that they want to keep women safe. How disingenuous. Will they be there when the woman begins experiencing complications at home afterward? Will they be there when she nearly bleeds to death because she is too afraid to go to the hospital and admit she had an illegal abortion?

These are the questions that the mainstream media forgets to ask, important questions that could affect the life and death of two unique, living human beings, not just one.