Planned Parenthood Cares More About Abortion Than Women’s Health, Here’s Proof

Opinion   |   Abby Johnson   |   Dec 15, 2017   |   2:44PM   |   Washington, DC

Two companies in California that procured and sold aborted baby body parts that they bought from abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, reached a $7.8 million settlement after they were caught illegally profiting off of these body parts.  The investigation and fines happened because of the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress, which shook the nation in the summer of 2015.

Now, two years after those videos and nearly a year after committees in both houses of Congress recommended Planned Parenthood and their business partners for criminal investigation, the FBI has confirmed they are investigating the abortion giant.

It’s about time.

The liberal press has worked diligently to discredit the CMP videos, always noting in stories that the videos have been proven to have been fabricated. However, two forensic analyses have shown the videos to be true.

But Planned Parenthood and their massive public relations campaign forge ahead with their deception, whether it be that they make no profit off of the sale of tissue of aborted babies or that they do mammograms or that they do prenatal care for millions of women.

One look at their annual report proves that Planned Parenthood is all about abortion. Forget prenatal care, forget cancer screenings, forget pap tests.

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, assumed her position in 2006. Since that time, breast cancer screenings decreased by 64%, pap tests went down 72%, and prenatal care has nearly become extinct, dropping 73%.

In Cecile Richards’ world, this is a win. Do women lose out? Sure, but that doesn’t matter.

A couple years after Mrs. Richards took over Planned Parenthood, she told the New York Times “We aim to be the largest kick-butt political organization.” This is not surprising. She has zero healthcare experience. Her experience lies in the political world and that is exactly the direction she wanted to take Planned Parenthood. She wanted to take the nation’s largest abortion provider and turn them into the nation’s largest lobbying group for “women’s health,” aka abortion rights.

Yet, Cecile Richards has frequently stated that women’s health is not a political issue. It’s not but she made it one. She made it a big one.

Oh, and Planned Parenthood also gets half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer dollars. And Mrs. Richards’ salary has doubled since she started, earning nearly one million dollars a year to run her “non-profit.”

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Planned Parenthood is now under criminal investigation for their part in the illegal trafficking of human baby body parts, something that former abortion workers have noted they have seen or participated in themselves. While the abortion giant is trying to make money off of deceiving women, fudging paperwork, and tearing apart unborn babies, women who want actual medical services are suffering. They are told they can go to Planned Parenthood for care other than abortion, taking time off work, paying what they cannot afford, and trusting a so-called women’s health provider.

There are other options for women and their families that far outnumber Planned Parenthood, that do more services than Planned Parenthood, that don’t deceive their patients about abortion, and that are less expensive.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) provided 521,568 mammograms in 2015. Planned Parenthood did zero. FQHCs provided 1.8 million pap tests in 2015; Planned Parenthood provided less than 300,000.

In 2015, community health centers provided prenatal services to 552,150 individual patients; Planned Parenthood said they provided 9,149 prenatal services. Community health centers delivered 292,286 babies alive in 2015; Planned Parenthood aborted 325,548 unborn babies.

While Cecile Richards has been on television promoting Planned Parenthood and speaking to national audiences with the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, actual medical services at her organization have plunged since she took over in 2006.

The only thing Planned Parenthood is dedicated to is making money by doing abortions. That’s it. They could care less about their patients, their workers, or anything else. I know because I worked there for eight years, eventually running a clinic in Texas. Now I help abortion workers get out of the industry – 400 so far – and their stories are eerily similar to mine – they had abortion quotas, they worked in dirty clinics, they saw ultrasound numbers being fudged, and they saw that the abortion industry is one, huge lie.

LifeNews Note: Abby Johnson leads the ministry And Then There Were None and is the author of “Unplanned.”