Medical Waste Firm That Processed Aborted Babies Cancels Contracts With Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 12, 2017   |   4:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Another medical waste firm is ditching Planned Parenthood. Specific Waste, which process the bodies of the babies aborted at Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses, has ceased disposing of aborted babies from abortion centers.

The pro-life group Created Equal has been working to divorce medical waste firms from the abortion industry — knowing that it makes it tougher for abortion clinics to do business if they have no company willing to process the babies victimized by abortions.

Earlier this year, medical waste firm Stericycle stopped “enabling” Planned Parenthood to kill unborn children.

“Evidence shows Stericycle has been partnering with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry through their collection, transportation, and disposal of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them,” it told LifeNews.

But now, the pro-life group informs that another medical waste hauler will cease disposing of aborted babies for Planned Parenthood.

“On November 7, 2017, having proven the concept, Created Equal launched phase two of #ProjectWeakLink, aimed at persuading Specific Waste Industries to stop enabling the abortion cartel by disposing of aborted babies,” it told LifeNews today. “On November 10, 2017, Specific Waste revealed that they had ceased to provide medical waste services for Kentucky’s last remaining abortion clinic and Planned Parenthood centers in the Midwest.”

Mark Harrigton of Created Equal told LifeNews, “We will ‘trust but verify’ Specific Waste’s claims regarding their refusal to dispose of fetal remains from abortion companies. However, we remain committed to ending abortion. Persuading every enabler of abortion to dump Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry altogether is one of many means to accomplish that goal.”

“The bottom line is: If abortionists can’t dispose of dead babies, they will be forced to stop killing them,” he concluded.

The battle to stop Stericycle working with Planned Paerenthood eventually resulted in legal action.

After the launch of the project to expose the connection, Stericycle sued Created Equal and its director, Mark Harrington. After a six-month court battle, with the help of the Thomas More Society, Stericycle dropped all the charges.

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In May 2017, the pro-life group wrote Charles Alutto, Stericycle’s CEO, requesting information on the status of Stericycle’s relationship with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Alutto’s response dated June 1, 2017:

“In addition to complying with all laws and regulations, the waste acceptance policy clearly specifies that Stericycle does not accept fetuses. While your organization may argue that our policy applies only to intact fetuses, we interpret and apply the policy more broadly to include all fetal remains.

“Beyond our policy, we require supplemental assurances in writing that they (health care facilities) have licensed providers for fetal remains. When customers are not willing to provide this certification, we do not provide services. We have cancelled hundreds of contracts with women’s clinics since this certification process was implemented several years ago.”

According to Harrington, Stericycle, either by neglect or intent, did not strictly enforce their medical waste protocol which was meant to refuse fetal remains. Therefore, in practice, Stericycle had been providing services to abortion clinics to dispose of aborted babies.

Because of the attention brought by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Created Equal, to Stericycle’s involvement in disposing of fetal remains, Stericycle disclosed that they recently cancelled hundreds of contracts (over 400 in the past few years) with abortion facilities.

The small number of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities currently serviced by Stericycle are subject to the waste acceptance protocol and provide supplemental assurances, Harrington said. Therefore, this has made Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry take on the difficult task of finding waste companies willing to dispose of aborted babies.


  • Contact Specific Waste’s CEO Victor Anderson at 502-425-2770 and thank him for dumping Planned Parenthood and EMW, the last abortion center in Kentucky.
  • Send Specific Waste’s CEO Victor Anderson an email to thank him for ceasing to dispose of aborted babies from abortion facilities.  Click HERE to send your email.