Inspiring New Film “I Lived on Parker Avenue” Powerfully Promotes Adoption

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 4, 2017   |   7:29PM   |   Washington, DC

Today, the inspiring short documentary film I Lived on Parker Avenue visited downtown Los Angeles when it showcased at the Docuslate Film Festival presented by NewFilmmakers LA.  This powerful pro-adoption and pro-life film made an impression at the fest as it brought viewers to tears in this secular world.

But Jason Jones, founder of Movie to Movement, feels it is a tragedy that this film has not been accepted into more film fests.  “I Lived on Parker Avenue is a startlingly beautiful film. Philip Braun III lets the camera tell most of the story capturing the dignity of one life, the courage of a young couple and the gifts of solidarity. It is a work of high art with depth and clarity. It is a shame that other festivals have kept the message of this film from the public.  Beautiful films like this, that derive their empathy from a reverence for the human person, deserve their fair chance in the secular world.  Kudos to the NewFilmmakers for showcasing I Lived on Parker Ave.”

 I Lived on Parker Avenue is an inspiring short documentary that follows the dramatic cross-country reunion between then Louisiana college student David Scotton and his Indiana-based birth-parents Melissa and Brian, who haven’t seen him since the day he was born.  The film explores the life stories of David, Melissa, Brian and David’s parents, Susan and Jimmy.  The film also follows Melissa as she recounts her memories of visiting an Indianapolis abortion facility when pregnant with David.

During the Q&A with I Lived on Parker Avenue’s director Philip Braun III, Braun was asked what his hope is for the future of the film. “With infant adoption decreasing in America over the last 25 years, our hope is that I Lived on Parker Avenue can inspire our nation with the beauty of the adoption option,” Braun said.

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I Lived on Parker Avenue has continually evoked deep emotion from viewers, and today was no different.  Benjamin Clapper, executive producer of the film, said “From Louisiana to Los Angeles, I Lived on Parker Avenue invokes deep emotion as they witness the power of life and adoption.  At this L.A. festival, right in the aisle in front of us, viewers were visibly working to wipe tears from their eyes, whether during Melissa’s heartfelt retelling of her abortion facility visit, or during the joyful reunion of Melissa and David. This film penetrates the hearts of viewers, leaving their views on adoption and abortion forever changed.”

I Lived on Parker Avenue is scheduled for public release in March, and its trailer has been viewed more than 350,000 times online on Facebook and on the film’s website.  Watch the trailer and learn more at