Woman With Stomach Pain Has 15-Year-Old Unborn Child Inside Her

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 1, 2017   |   1:23PM   |   Washington, DC

A woman who supposedly aborted her baby 15 years ago went to doctors after complaining of stomach pain — only to learn her unborn baby’s body was still inside her.

The woman learned the news when intense stomach pains prompted her to visit a local hospital. Once there, x-rays revealed what is sometimes called a “stone baby.” The condition is also known as lithopedion, in which the unborn baby grows and then dies outside of the uterus and the body is unable to remove the body of the dead baby, which becomes covered in calicum as a means of protecting the mother.

Here’s more:

A 52-year-old woman from Nagpur had been suffering from excruciating abdominal pain for the past 15 years after getting an abortion due to opposition from family members. As she continuously vomited for the past three years, the woman visited a specialist who was shocked to find the supposedly aborted child lodged in her abdomen.

The gynaecologist and obstetrician treating the woman had confirmed the termination of her pregnancy 15 years back. But the specialist removed a fully grown stone baby after a two hour long surgery.

A scan showed an intestinal obstruction caused by a blockage in her food pipe and a stone like object along with it. A laparoscopy done following the findings revealed a four month old baby in the abdomen.

And from the Mirror:

Dr Nilesh Junankar, a laparoscopic surgeon, at Junankar Surgical Nursing Home, said: ‘Her scan showed intestinal obstruction, a blockage in her food pipe along with a stone like structure. Due to this unusual report, a laparoscopy was done and to our utter surprise, there was a four-month old baby in the abdomen. We were very shocked. It’s extremely rare.’

A team of two doctors decided to immediately operate and Dr Nilesh removed the fully grown ‘stone baby’ in a two-hour operation, on November 23.

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Dr Nilesh explained: ‘It was a shock for everyone present in the operating theatre. After opening the abdomen, a fully grown ‘stone baby’.

‘Since no sonography was done, neither she nor the doctors thought the baby was still there,’ Dr Nilesh added. ‘The chance of abdominal pregnancy is one in 11,000 pregnancies and only between 1.5 to 1.8% of abdominal pregnancies develop into Lithopedia. We have removed the stone baby from woman’s body and her four feet intestines have also been removed.’

LifeNews highlighted a similar case years agoof a woman from Colombia who doctors determined had inside of her a 40-year-old unborn child who had died internally.