Doctors Repeatedly Pressured Mom to Have Abortion After Discovering Mysterious Black Spots in Ultrasound

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 27, 2017   |   7:10PM   |   London, England

Repeatedly pressured to consider abortion, Mickayla Jordan-Smyth stuck to her gut instinct and insisted on giving her baby a chance at life.

The British mother was just 12-weeks pregnant when doctors detected what they thought was a potentially life-threatening condition, the Mirror reports. Jordan-Smyth said there appeared to be cancerous “black holes” where her unborn baby was supposed to be.

Jordan-Smyth said she had no idea what it was at the time, but doctors thought she might have a partial molar pregnancy, an abnormal tumor that develops in the womb instead of a baby, or a cancerous tumor growing with her unborn child.

Despite the potential risk to her own life, Jordan-Smyth refused to have an abortion.

“I was heartbroken. Although I was only 13 weeks pregnant, this baby was loved. I’d seen the little heartbeat on the screen, seen its kicks and it already meant so much. I sobbed hysterically when I got home,” she said.

“But I was adamant I was going to have my baby and do what I could for it, even if it meant I may be unwell, too. Still, it was very difficult, as the nurses kept telling us how dangerous it was and everything online said it was high-risk, as the baby had limited room to grow, because of the mass,” she continued.

The North Yorkshire mother said her husband, Craig, was afraid both of them might die.

“Poor Craig was petrified that he might lose us both – the baby to the partial molar pregnancy and me if the mass turned out to be cancerous,” she said.

The news got worse with each pregnancy scan. Jordan-Smyth said the black mass kept growing.

“Turning the screen towards us, I saw black holes all over it, where the baby was supposed to be, like grapes on a stalk,” she remembered. “I couldn’t even really see much of the foetus …”

By 26 weeks of pregnancy, she said she could not even see her unborn baby, a daughter, on the ultrasound screen. The only thing she could see were black holes.

When she was 28 weeks, Jordan-Smyth developed a rare complication that risked her and her unborn daughter’s lives. Doctors rushed to deliver the baby by cesarean section on June 27; and Raine was born weighing 2 pounds, 4 ounces, according to the report.

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Jordan-Smyth said she was so afraid that her daughter had died during labor.

“I was screaming, ‘I know my baby has died,’ and burst into tears when they said she was alive,” she said. “She was tiny, but absolutely perfect.”

Doctors later learned that Jordan-Smyth did not have a molar pregnancy or cancer. Instead, she had developed a rare condition called placental mesenchymal dysplasia, a benign “placental abnormality, that can be confused with a molar pregnancy,” according to the report.

Her little girl now is 21 weeks old and doing well. Jordan-Smyth said Raine loves to giggle and spend time with her two older brothers.

“Raine is an absolute miracle and I can’t count my blessings enough,” she said.