Late-Term Abortionist Complains Too Many Abortion Clinics are Closing: We Need More Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 24, 2017   |   6:51PM   |   Washington, DC

LeRoy Carhart is one of the most notorious late-term abortionists in the country.

Several women have died along with their unborn babies soon after leaving his abortion facilities, and dozens more have left his abortion facilities in ambulances. Carhart aborts viable, late-term unborn babies up to 9 months for any reason in his Maryland abortion facility.

Carhart is one of only a few late-term abortionists who still practice openly in the country, and abortion activists treat him as a hero. But many, like Carhart, are getting old, and few are stepping up to take their places.

This week, the blog “Truthout” gave Carhart space to boast about his life-destroying work and complain that so few people support him.

“Those of us committed to reproductive freedom cannot rest while anti-abortion extremists work overtime to rob women of their health, lives and autonomy,” Carhart bragged. “This is why I count my colleagues among the most compassionate and courageous people I know …”

He described the killing of viable, late-term, pain-capable unborn babies as “care,” and blasted the Trump administration for its pro-life policies.

“These policies have a real impact on whether someone who needs an abortion can get that care. Across the country, women who seek abortion care at different points in pregnancy often struggle to find a provider or find themselves blocked by restrictive state laws. I’m proud to provide abortion to women as pregnancy progresses …” Carhart wrote.

Later, he complained that abortion rates are dropping and abortion clinics are closing at a record pace:

In the last five years alone, nearly 30 percent of all independent abortion clinics have been forced to shut their doors, and of those that closed over the last two years, over 80 percent provided care after the first trimester. As independent clinics close, access to care at different points in pregnancy becomes increasingly inaccessible, and travel distances, out-of-pocket costs and wait times increase.

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Independent abortion care providers like me are struggling to keep our clinic doors open in the face of many challenges, including — as in the case of the Germantown [Maryland] clinic — anti-abortion extremism. And as the number of clinics dwindles, so does a woman’s ability to access care.

Carhart’s column is riddled with inaccuracies, one being that most abortion clinics were “forced” to close. Some were forced to close because of dozens of health and safety violations, but many others closed of their own accord. By their own accounts, many closed just because they were not making enough money.

Last year, a Bloomberg analysis of the trend found that the lack of business was a big reason. Abortion clinics said they were closing because they were losing business, because women were choosing life for their unborn babies. Another factor was the lack of doctors willing to abort unborn babies.

Carhart blamed pro-life advocates (“anti-abortion extremists”) for the decline in abortions, and he is partly right about that – if not much else. (He also wrongly claimed a new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plan that recognizes that life begins at conception is nothing more than “loaded rhetoric of the religious right.” It’s pretty much settled science that life begins at conception.)

The late-term abortionist would have his readers believe that pro-life advocates are trying to take away something women want and need. The reality is that pro-life advocates are supporting women and their babies when they need it most. Most women do not want abortions, so pro-lifers come beside them and empowering them with the support and information they need to choose life for their child. That is what women and children deserve – the chance to live and thrive. Not death. And that’s exactly what Carhart is selling.