Pro-Abortion Group Complains to Attorney General About Pregnancy Center Informing Women of Abortion’s Risks

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 16, 2017   |   1:19PM   |   Boston, Massachusetts

Abortion activists increasingly are attacking pregnancy resource centers that offer pregnant and parenting moms life-affirming support.

This week, a pro-abortion “watchdog” group urged Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey to investigate a pregnancy center over allegedly “deceptive” practices, The Sun Chronicle reports.

The non-profit under attack is the Attleboro Women’s Health Center in Attleboro, Massachusetts. The organization is dedicated to providing free information and support to pregnant and parenting moms and their babies.

Thinking of abortion? Attleboro’s Women’s Health Center located in Attleboro, Massachusetts was founded to empower women to make informed decisions about an unplanned pregnancy that support their privacy, dignity and self-respect,” the website reads.

The website says it provides free pregnancy tests and counseling, and it also informs women of the possibility that their abortion can be reversed and their unborn baby’s life saved.

The pro-abortion group is using old abortion industry tactics to attack the pregnancy center. It claims the center is “actually part of a pro-life organization that actively tries to deceive women seeking abortion-related services.”

The group acts as if dissuading women from aborting their unborn babies is a bad thing. It also falsely claims the pregnancy center is providing information “riddled with exaggerations and inaccuracies” about the risks of abortion and the pioneer abortion pill reversal treatment.

Here’s more from the report:

And, they charged the Attleboro Women’s Health Center with misleading patients into thinking they would receive a full abortion consultation.

Despite the plethora of text regarding abortions, the center’s website also includes a disclaimer that it does not “offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients.”

“AWHC is deliberately trying to trick women into believing it provides information about abortions, when it’s real purpose is to prevent women from having abortions. The attorney general should immediately investigate and stop this fake clinic from deceiving women,” Campaign for Accountability Legal Counsel Katie O’Connor said in a press release. …

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Darlene Howard, director of Abundant Hope, said in an email the claims made against the company are false, although she did not elaborate. Howard said she is on vacation and would address the claims when she returns.

As Howard said, the claims are absurd. Pregnancy centers are not trying to deceive or trick women. They work to provide information that the abortion industry hides from women, including the wealth of research showing that there are psychological and physical risks to abortion.

For example, a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, for example, found an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems among women who had abortions, compared to women who give birth. Another study in 2009 by New Zealand researchers at the University of Otago found similar results. They reviewed the medical histories of more than 500 women and concluded that having an abortion generally “leads to significant distress” in some women.

And while the abortion pill reversal treatment is new, early research indicates it is safe and effective. Even Dr. Harvey Kliman, a reproductive health expert at the Yale School of Medicine, told the New York Times earlier this year that the treatment appears “totally feasible” and “makes biological sense.” 

Pregnancy centers, which largely are volunteer-led, community-supported organizations, provide compassionate, non-judgmental counseling and material resources to pregnant and parenting moms. Attacking pregnancy resource centers is nothing less than an attack on the choices that abortion activists so often claim to support.