She Grew Up Playing in Her Parents’ Abortion Clinics as Babies Were Aborted, Now She’s Running Them

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 15, 2017   |   7:42PM   |   Washington, DC

A young Calla Hales and her sister used to play in the hallways of their parents’ abortion clinic as their parents prepared rooms for other children to be aborted.

Now 27, Hales helps to run her parents’ abortion chain, A Preferred Women’s Health Center, in North Carolina and Georgia. The pro-abortion blog Rewire recently featured the young abortion business owner on its podcast.

Much of the interview focused on Hales tearing down pro-life advocates who try to save unborn babies and moms outside her abortion clinics. She claimed that they threaten, intimidate and harass her and her patients, and even seemed to link pro-lifers to rapists and murderers.

But she began with a fond memory of her and her sister playing in their parents’ first abortion clinic as their parents were preparing to open.

“The first real memory I have of the clinic is my mom painting the hallways in the first Raleigh office and my sister and I stealing the roll-y doctors chairs and racing down the hallway—it had a ramp in it—and just smashing into the walls,” she said.

Hales remembered feeling upset in fifth grade when one of her peers pointed out that her parents make their living killing unborn babies.

She told the pro-abortion blog:

“’Well, you know, they do women’s health. They specifically help women and families who aren’t prepared to be parents.’ That’s how I had always framed it and always heard it.

“Some snide little fifth-grader was just like, ‘So you kill babies for a living?’ You don’t know how to respond to that when you’re a kid. My first instinct is, no, I don’t think that’s what my parents did or what I’m a part of. I was a kid at that point. I think that’s when it first was like, ‘OK, Mom, Dad, what’s this word mean?’”

Hales said she did not want to take over her parents abortion business at first, but she changed her mind in college. Now, she said she is proud of the work that she and her parents do.

One of her priorities is to make sure her patients are safe, but her definition of safety seems to mean shielding patients from pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors, not the life-destroying abortion procedures that she makes a living selling.

Her Charlotte abortion clinic in particular has a very poor reputation for actual patient safety. On two separate occasions, state inspectors deemed the conditions so poor that they temporarily shut it down – once in 2013 and once in 2007.

The Charlotte facility also employs abortionist Ashutosh “Ron” Virmani, who was arrested in 2014 on rape charges; they later were dismissed because of insufficient evidence. However, he also faced accusations of improper sexual relations with a patient in 1992. The same abortionist also was recorded several years ago making racist remarks about the unborn black babies who he aborts.

Hales’ Raleigh facility also was slapped with more than $12,000 in fines for OSHA violations in 2010.

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Yet, Hales is worried about the pro-life advocates who have been flooding the streets outside her Charlotte facility to peacefully and prayerfully save unborn babies and moms from abortion. Outside the Charlotte, North Carolina facility, Hales said she typically sees more than a dozen pro-life advocates trying to offer women information about abortion alternatives.

“… you’re probably going to see 10 to 15 people standing with signs like, ‘Please stop for information before your appointment,’ the Malachi signs, the typical … I call it the gore porn of abortion [meaning photos of aborted babies that show the gruesome reality of abortion],” she said.

She spoke disdainfully of the huge pro-life rallies organized by Cities 4 Life and Love Life Charlotte where thousands of people have gathered peacefully to pray for the protection of unborn lives. About two months ago, she said the groups organized a men’s pro-life march with about 600 men outside her abortion clinic.

“The police ended up cordoning off half of the street to let Love Life Charlotte march,” she said. “It was such an impact on traffic and trying to correctly direct patients to their appointments when you have another group of people directing patients elsewhere.”

Despite the harassment that she said she often receives, Hales said she is proud and committed to her work.

“I think my parents are rock stars,” Hales said. “I like to think they’re proud of me. I’m very proud of them.”

But her pride is for a “family business” that makes money destroying families.