Sandra Bullock Will Star as Late-Term Abortion Activist Wendy Davis in New Movie

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 10, 2017   |   10:45AM   |   Washington, DC

Actress Sandra Bullock will star as late term-abortion activist Wendy Davis in a new movie.

Davis is best known for filibustering legislation in the Texas state legislature that would have banned late-term abortions in the state. Since then, Davis has taking her pro-abortion show on the road as a speaker at various events and an advocate for the Planned Parenthood abortion company

Davis eventually ran for governor of Texas and was trounced by pro-life governor Greg Abbott. She lost most every County across the state including some Hispanic counties where pro-life Latino voters could not stomach her abortion advocacy.

Bullock is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses having done of wide variety of well-received rolls. However this movie will not go over well with most Americans who do not support late-term abortions.

Bullock is set to star as Davis in “Let Her Speak.”  Todd Black and Jason Blumenthal are on board to produce through their Escape Artists banner, reported Variety. With that title, the movie will almost assuredly glorify Davis.

Here’s more:

The first thing which leaped to mind when I heard this news last night was that this might be bigger than Miss Sloane. Well… maybe. You’ll recall that the thrilling drama about a lobbyist attempting to get a bill passed managed to rack up a whopping $3.5M domestic box office take, which likely wasn’t even enough to cover Jessica Chastain’s salary for the film. One could see a film about Davis easily doing nearly as well.

I also immediately wondered where they came up with the working title of the movie. “Let her speak?” That’s no doubt designed to tap into the idea that women are being “silenced” by the patriarchy or whatever, but let’s be honest here. In the case of Wendy Davis, “speaking” was the only thing she was famous for. Her eleven hour filibuster, delivered while wearing trademark pink sneakers, was the defining moment of her public life. One might say it was impossible to get her to stop speaking.

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And what will the message of the movie be? It’s true that Davis managed to overcome a rough start in life, growing up poor and overcoming two busted marriages and life in a trailer park. She went on to become a lawyer, a city council member and state senator, so that’s clearly admirable, if hardly unique in the story of America. But what accomplishments of hers merit a movie detailing her life story?

That famous filibuster actually changed nothing in the end. The bill she was fighting was kept off the docket for the current term (at the time) but was immediately signed into law the next time the chamber was in session. Her attempt to run for Governor resulted in one of the most embarrassing landslide losses in recent Texas history, even by Democratic standards. It’s also worth noting that after she lost her first run at City Council in Fort Worth, she attempted to sue the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, saying their “biased coverage” had caused her loss. She wound up losing that lawsuit as well.

In fact, the sum total of the impact that Davis has had on politics, both locally and nationally, was to raise her own profile and not much more. I suppose that could make for a passable movie script as some sort of cautionary tale, but is anyone going to actually lay out money to sit through that? Politically themed movies haven’t fared well at the box office for a long time now. Perhaps they’ll wind up proving me wrong, but it’s tough to see this offering breaking that pattern.