24 Companies Like Uber and Levis Will Fund Abortion Drugs For Their Employees

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 9, 2017   |   12:10PM   |   Washington, DC

President Donald Trump’s executive order overturning Barack Obama’s Obamacare abortion mandate is producing reverberations throughout the business community. Some 24 companies including Uber and Levi now they plan to pay for contraception and abortion-causing drugs for their employees as a response to his decision.

President Trump’s executive order protected Christian-run businesses and organizations that did not want to be forced to pay for abortion causing drugs in their employee health care plans. It was a response to the massive outcry from pro-life advocates, businesses like Hobby Lobby and organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor who were all forced to pay for those kinds of drugs in their health care plans thanks to the Obama abortion mandate.

Now 24 companies are saying they will pay for contraception as well as certain drugs that can cause very early abortions — the kinds of drugs businesses like Hobby Lobby objected to funding in the first place. Those include Uber, Levis, Tumbler, Warner and Universal, and TD Ameritrade.

Here is more on those companies that plan to pay for those kinds of drugs and their employee health care plans:

This pledge is part of a concerted push Planned Parenthood calls its “biggest birth control campaign ever.”

Women-led startups Rent the Runway, Bumble, Birchbox and StyleSeat are among the earliest to join the healthcare nonprofit’s #BusinessForBC campaign, although executive vice president Dawn Laguens expects more companies to add their names in coming days and weeks.

“Birth control benefits were hard-won to begin with,” she told Forbes. “We started talking with our friends in business and in tech, who thought it was just outrageous [that the Trump administration seeks to gut reproductive benefits]. Most businesses, we believe, stand with their women employees. With all employees. Last I checked, everyone was benefiting from birth control.”

“If we hope to live in a society that is truly equal, where at least 50% of leaders and 50% of the workplace are women, women must be given the opportunity to plan the timing of their families,” she said. “Access to birth control is critical to her ability to do this.”

Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal said the eyewear company’s 1,300-plus employees will continue to have access to no-copay birth control whatever the Trump administration tries to do.

“This is about women’s rights, plain and simple,” he said.

Planned Parenthood’s Laguens cited access to birth control as a crucial measure if women are ever to achieve anything close to equality in the workforce.

“The introduction of the pill is one of the most transformative moments in business innovation in the last hundred years,” she said. “If you want women to get an education, and participate in the economy, and be healthy, you’re going to back women’s reproductive health. And if you don’t, you’re outside the norm.”

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The article makes no mention of the fact that the birth control covered includes both non abortion and abortifacient types. Naturally most pro-life people have no problem with birth control that does not cause abortions and that is not what is at dispute here. In fact Hobby Lobby had no objection to paying for birth control in its employee health care plans that was not associated with abortion. It was being forced to pay for abortion-causing drugs that was the soul objection but the Obamacare abortion mandate would not allow Hobby Lobby to exclude those drugs from coverage.

Furthermore, not paying for birth control in employee health care plans does not go against women’s rights or access to birth control. Low-cost birth control is available to women at thousands and thousands of pharmacies doctors offices and other locations nationwide.

Here is the full list of companies:


Warby Parker

Amalgamated Bank


On Mogul

Medicines 360


Mara Hoffman

General Assembly

Universal Music Group

Warner Music Group





Rent the Runway

Credo Mobile

Rachel Comey

New Relic

Awesomeness TV

Amino Health

Levi Strauss & Co.

Group Nine Media

TD Ameritrade

But for pro-life Advocates who are making spending decisions, they should keep in mind this list of companies that are paying for abortion causing drugs in their employee health insurance plans.