Abortion Activists Sue to Stop Pregnancy Centers From Performing Ultrasounds of Unborn Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 1, 2017   |   10:05AM   |   New York, NY

New York City pregnancy centers are under attack by pro-abortion political leaders once again.

One News Now reports New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently filed a lawsuit against EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers, claiming they are practicing medicine without a license because they offer ultrasounds.

In the lawsuit, Schneiderman, a pro-abortion politician who also is going after pro-life sidewalk counselors‘ free speech rights, claims that the pro-life pregnancy centers are violating a 2016 law that requires them to inform patients that they are not medical facilities.

“What they’re trying to do is basically cripple or stop ultrasounds from being performed by pro-life organizations,” executive director Chris Slattery told the news site. “They don’t want that to be done. Ultrasounds, of course, are one of the most potent tools in the pro-life movement to enable a woman to see the humanity of her child and bond with the baby.”

Studies have found that when women see ultrasound images of their unborn babies, they are more likely to choose life. Many pregnancy resource centers now offer free ultrasounds to provide women with that opportunity.

Here’s more from the report:

EMC has gone back to court fighting against the rabidly pro-abortion attorney general and has been somewhat successful.

“We fought off any handover of records and got an appellate division court here to say that the records the attorney general was seeking were way overbroad, and they cut back and trimmed back the allowable documents that we have to turn over,” Slattery explains.

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The pro-life leader says they are only turning over documents dealing with medically oriented services that EMC provides and who has provided them.

Schneiderman has made his contempt for pro-life advocates clear. In June, he described pro-life advocates as “anti-choice” Christians who “run their mouths” with “unlawful, un-American rhetoric.”

Slattery said they expect Schneiderman will keep targeting their work, but they will not give up.

“Over the past thirty years, EMC FRONTLINE has been an innovative leader serving in the mouth of the abortion capital where 70,000 abortions are done annually,” the pro-life organization states on its website. “Because of our missions and services, we have been able to save 43,000 innocent children from abortion.”

The centers offer free, life-affirming resources and information to empower women to choose life for their unborn babies.