Amazing Photo Shows an Unborn Baby Carved Into a Pumpkin

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 30, 2017   |   5:30PM   |   Washington, DC

The tradition of Halloween pumpkin carving brought out the creative side of one pro-life advocate.

Twitter user Fuzzy Chimp posted a photo of his unique carving on social media earlier this week, and quickly was bombarded with criticisms and nasty comments from abortion supporters.

The image he carved into a pumpkin shows an unborn baby sucking their thumb. The self-described conservative Christian husband and father said he “went for the pro-life theme” at his family’s pumpkin carving night.

But abortion supporters viciously attacked the Twitter user, mocking and criticizing him for highlighting unborn babies’ humanity.

“but all those poor seeds you scooped out would have grown into lovely pumpkins…MURDERER,” Twitter user VersaceDelRey wrote.

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Another named Gay_unicorn added: “What were your family’s pumpkins?Healthcare, education, welfare?Or is it just the bundle of cells over a woman’s rights that you care about?”

Commenter Wesley Bout wrote: “Why are you so obsessed with fetuses and telling women what to do with their bodies? It’s bizarre.”

What’s really bizarre is how upset abortion supporters get when people share basic facts about unborn babies.

As early as 11 weeks of pregnancy, unborn babies have been observed sucking their thumbs. Through the years, LifeNews has covered a number of amazing ultrasound images of unborn babies sucking their thumbs, waving, giving a thumbs-up, smiling and making other gestures from inside the womb.

But abortion supporters do not like to be reminded about what unborn babies can do because it reminds them of the truth: Abortion kills a unique, living unborn baby’s life.