Abortion Activists Celebrate 50 Years of Abortions in Britain

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 30, 2017   |   4:40PM   |   London, England

Abortion activists in the United Kingdom are celebrating 50 years of death and destruction caused by the legalization of abortion.

Exactly 50 years ago on Friday, lawmakers passed David Steel’s 1967 Abortion Act, allowing abortion on demand up through 24 weeks of pregnancy and even later in certain cases throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

As a result, nearly 8.9 million unborn babies have been killed in abortions, or one every three minutes – and many at the taxpayers’ expense, according to the Catholic Herald. No one can fully measure the damage that abortion has wreaked on the lives of mothers and fathers, grandparents and siblings as well.

But it is not enough for abortion activists that women can abort their unborn babies for any reason up to 24 weeks, that women can abort an unborn baby even later for an issue as minor as a cleft lip, or that abortions are largely taxpayer-funded.

They want more.

Radical abortion activists in the UK have been using the anniversary as an opportunity to campaign for complete de-regulation of abortion across the UK.

We can celebrate 50 years of the Abortion Act, but we must not be complacent,” wrote Franki Appleton, communications and advocacy officer for the abortion chain Marie Stopes, at the Huffington Post.

Right now, lawmakers are considering legislation to strip away the few regulations that the UK has on abortion, including limits on abortion after unborn babies are viable, a ban on abortions based solely on the baby’s sex, and the requirement that two doctors sign off on an abortion.

“In the UK, 50 years after the Abortion Act, abortion still falls within criminal law and women still do not have the right to make one of the most fundamental decisions about her body and her life,” Appleton said of the legislation.

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In a column for the New Statesman, feminist writer and mother “Glosswitch” also celebrated the 50-year-old abortion law by calling on lawmakers to allow women to abort unborn babies for any reason up to birth.

“Many things have improved for women [since 1967], but abortion law remains stuck in the past,” Glosswitch wrote. “In some ways, it’s baffling. Why, when a woman’s right to physical boundaries is recognised in other contexts, is the forced continuation of a pregnancy not considered an outrage?”

But the real outrage for many people is the massive, government-condoned destruction of human life for the past 50 years. Unborn babies are killed for convenience, the conditions inside many abortion clinics are so deplorable that the government partially shut down Marie Stopes last year, and taxpayers are supporting the industry with hundreds of millions of their hard-earned money.

Lord Alton of Liverpool wrote in the Herald:

The sums are staggering. Over the past decade, an eye-watering £757,832,800 of taxpayers’ money has been paid to the private sector abortionists. The Times reported that the boss of Marie Stopes International (MSI) – which we pay millions of pounds to carry out abortions in Britain and overseas – received a phenomenal £420,000 in one recent year alone (four times the Prime Minister’s salary). Twenty-two of their employees were paid more than £100,000.

Marie Stopes, one of the largest abortion chains in the UK, has been exposed for numerous problems. Just a few weeks ago, news broke that it may be urging employees to pressure patients to have abortions, just as abortion activists are celebrating the so-called “choice” that the law allowed.

Lord Alton continued:

Once the sanctity of human life has been thrown into open trash bins it leads to one enormity after another: the creation and destruction of more than three million human embryos, with only four per cent seeing the light of day; the grotesque manufacture of animal-human hybrid embryos; and attempts to legalise euthanasia.

The sloganeering culture of death endlessly demands rights but ignores duties towards the weak and vulnerable. It elevates “choice” above all other considerations, debasing language and brooking no opposition.

This culture claims to be on the side of equality and non-discrimination. Yet it takes no action when little girls are aborted merely because of their gender or when a disabled person can be aborted up to and even during birth (as 90 per cent of all babies with Down’s syndrome are).