Popular Mommy Blogger Constance Hall Under Fire for Joking About Considering an Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 24, 2017   |   5:27PM   |   Sydney, Australia

A popular Australian mommy blogger is receiving a huge amount of criticism for seemingly joking about abortion in her latest pregnancy announcement.

Constance Hall of Perth, Australia has more than 1 million fans on Facebook. This week, the popular parenting blogger announced that she was expecting a fifth child, her first with fiance Denim Cooke.

The Daily Mail reports Hall’s baby announcement stirred up a lot of anger among her readers. In between profanities, Hall said the baby was a mistake and she considered having an abortion while her fiance slept in.

“We actually have no idea how this baby slipped through. But it did,” Hall wrote, mentioning how they tried various forms of birth control. “I think I’m about eight weeks, haven’t been to a doctor or anything yet.”

Hall said her family is as happy as “pigs in s—” about the new baby, but she also feels unready and afraid.

“Well…. I’m hormonal, I considered having an abortion this morning because Densy slept in,” she said.

Hall decided not to abort her unborn baby, and promised that she will “love this mother f—- with every inch of my bloated body.”

She continued: “We are our kids’ biggest fans and we don’t see the harm in putting a new little soul right in the middle of it all. Expect complaining… a lot of complaining. Baby number 7 is due sometime around June.”

Hall has four born children and her fiance has two.

Many fans responded in shock and horror at Hall’s announcement. She was criticized for being thoughtless toward her newest child.

“The worst part of this is that someday the tiny human will learn via internet that it was an accidental pregnancy & that it’s ‘parent’ considered an abortion,” one commenter wrote.

Others criticized Hall for making a “joke” of her baby’s life and worried that her child could be very hurt someday if he or she sees Hall’s pregnancy announcement.

Some comments also were abusive toward Hall and her family, which is not acceptable under any circumstance.

Hall responded a day later, saying that she was not joking when she mentioned abortion.

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“Actually, I was dead set serious, I did consider an abortion this morning,” Hall wrote. “I even called my sister and told her I was considering one. Yes I was hormonal and upset. And I use humour to lighten situations.

“I am pro choice, I always have been and I believe in normalising abortions, they shouldn’t be a dirty secret that we don’t discuss in public forums. That said, I consider abortions and miscarriages/fertility issues two very separate topics. And I would never joke about the latter.”

She also apologized for offending anyone.

Hall chose life for her unborn baby, a decision that should be celebrated and supported, and she was honest about her struggles, which is usually a good thing. But her words also have the potential to hurt her unborn child and possibly her born children, too.

When abortion activists encourage women to speak openly and freely about abortion, they give little thought to the impact that such talk can have on other members of the family: fathers, grandparents and especially children.

Dr. Philip Ney, a child psychologist and researcher, found that siblings of aborted babies sometimes suffer profoundly when they learn their mother has had an abortion. Ney said these siblings sometimes show signs of survivor’s guilt, similar to soldiers who return from war or surviving victims of the Holocaust. They struggle with the knowledge that they are alive because they were wanted but their siblings were not, according to Ney’s research.

Abortion activists like to claim that an abortion is about just one person, a woman. But the reality is that an abortion or the choice for life have huge impacts, not just on women and their unborn babies, but on the family and society as a whole.