Missouri Law Takes Effect That Will Stop Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics From Reopening

State   |   Missouri Right to Life   |   Oct 24, 2017   |   5:13PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

On Monday October 23rd, Judge S. Margene Burnett of the Circuit Court of Jackson County Missouri in Kansas City refused to block Senate Bill 5’s same-physician mandate. This mandate was challenged by Planned Parenthood and two abortionists. The same-physician mandate requires that the abortionist performing the abortion be the same person doing the medical consultation 72 hours prior to the abortion.

Senate Bill 5, in its entirety, goes into effect today.

SB 5 passed during Special Session called by Governor Eric Greitens in July and expands regulations on abortion in multiple statutes. These common sense health and safety regulations will protect women. They include that:

  • Abortion facilities have emergency plans on file with the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) at all times
  • Complication reports from abortion be filed with DHSS
  • Annual, unannounced on-site inspection of abortion facilities be done by DHSS
  • Abortion clinic personnel cannot interfere with 911 emergency calls needed for abortion complications
  • The Attorney General has equal jurisdiction with local prosecutors on abortion cases
  • Pregnancy resource centers and faith communities cannot be forced to participate in abortion
  • Abortion clinic employees have whistleblower protection
  • Baby body parts from abortion cannot be sold in Missouri

In addition to these protective regulations, Senate Bill 5 also expands the ability of the Department of Health and Senior Services to enact new regulations when the abortion industry is breaking the law and putting women at risk.

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The sweeping pro-life election victories in November 2016 made the passage of SB 5 possible. We are very grateful to Governor Greitens, the Missouri House and Senate leadership, sponsors and members for the passage of this bill. We are also grateful that pro-life Attorney General Josh Hawley and his staff are fighting for common sense health and safety protection for women.

MRL worked closely with our statewide leaders to bring about the passage of Senate Bill 5.