Chelsea Handler Will End Her Show to Become an Abortion Activist

National   |   Christine Rousselle   |   Oct 20, 2017   |   9:11AM   |   Washington, DC

Comedian Chelsea Handler has ended her Netflix series in order to become more politically active. Handler said on Twitter that she has teamed up with EMILY’s List, an organization that recruits pro-abortion women to run for office, in order to help register people to vote and to campaign for “candidates who are fighting for women’s rights.” Additionally, Handler says that she wants to travel across the country and speak on college campuses in order to “gain a better understanding of our political divide.”

She plans on making a documentary with Netflix where she’ll be talking with people from different ethniciities, religions, and political views in order to better connect with these groups.

Here’s the full statement:

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Well, this is certainly interesting. Handler has not been shy about her dislike of Trump/Republicans in general (and even stooped as low to say that Melania Trump wasn’t welcome on her show because she couldn’t speak English), and she hasn’t exactly shown a willingness to branch out before now. Heck, she even threatened to leave the country if he were elected, before tearfully backtracking on that and saying she was going to stick around.

This being said, perhaps she has turned over a new leaf and truly is interested in getting to know everyday Americans from the other side of the political aisle. I’m not saying she should change her political beliefs, nor that she has any obligation to, maybe she’ll actually learn something she wasn’t expecting. That would make for some quality entertainment.