Abortion Activist Claims Denying Teen Girls an Abortion is Child Abuse

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 20, 2017   |   3:01PM   |   Washington, DC

A Texas pro-abortion lawyer accused President Donald Trump’s administration of child abuse because it is protecting a young immigrant and her unborn baby from abortion.

Thomas Ausley, a lawyer in Austin, Texas and a board member of the pro-abortion group Jane’s Due Process, wrote a column for The Brownsville Herald criticizing the government for refusing to help an undocumented teenage girl in Texas abort her unborn baby.

Earlier this week, a federal judge nominated by Barack Obama ordered the Trump administration to allow the 17-year-old “Jane Doe” to have an abortion; however, an appeals court stopped the judge’s order Wednesday. The teen is 15-weeks pregnant with her unborn child.

Ausley claimed that denying the teen an abortion amounts to child abuse and a violation of human rights.

“Denying Jane Doe access to the medical care that has been approved by the state district judge is abuse,” he wrote. “It appears as though Trump’s administration officials intend to detain Jane Doe against her will until she either submits to their religious opinions or until her pregnancy progresses too far for her to terminate.”

Ausley continued:

For more than three weeks, Jane has been on lock-down, prohibited from activities and followed everywhere by a shelter worker. Her travel to a clinic must be personally authorized by the federal refugee agency’s director, Scott Lloyd. He has spent his entire career as an anti-choice lawyer on a crusade to control women’s reproductive decisions. He is now abusing his position of power to force the minors under his custody to continue their pregnancies against their will.

Under Lloyd’s direction, Jane Doe was taken to an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center where she was subjected to a medically unnecessary gynecological exam and forced to listen to anti-abortion religious “counseling.” The only appointment Jane needs is at the local clinic where she will first have to undergo yet another ultrasound and listen to state-mandated counseling before she can obtain her abortion 24 hours later.

But the real abuse is the abortion industry’s pervasive propaganda that women need to abort their own children to succeed. They encourage women to sacrifice their children’s lives for their own convenience — children who, from the moment of conception, already are unique, living human beings.

By 15 weeks of pregnancy, “Jane Doe’s” unborn baby already has a heartbeat, brain waves and other functioning organs. He/she has tiny fingers and toes with their own unique fingerprints. The baby can yawn and suck their thumb by this point, too.

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Abortions performed in the second trimester are cruel, barbaric procedures. In many second-trimester cases, unborn babies are dismembered in the womb, torn apart limb by limb while their hearts are beating and then pulled out in pieces.

An abortion also can have very serious, long-term physical and psychological consequences for the mother. Studies indicate women who have abortions are at increased risks of anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, breast cancer, future preterm births and more.

“Jane Doe,” who likely is very frightened and worried, probably does not fully comprehend the consequences of aborting her child. It’s true that she was taken to a pro-life pregnancy center for counseling and continued to express a desire for an abortion afterward; but abortion activists also are clinging to her case and likely telling her that an abortion is an easy, consequence-free solution to all her problems.

The government and the Texas shelter where “Jane Doe” is staying are helping her and her child by refusing to help her abort her unborn baby. Our government should encourage parenting and adoption over a procedure that kills an unborn baby and potentially injures the mother for the rest of her life.