Woman Defends Aborting Her Baby: “I Don’t Feel Guilty I Had an Abortion, I Feel Guilty I Got Pregnant”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 19, 2017   |   12:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Leanne believes she made some big mistakes in her life, but aborting the unborn baby who she conceived as a result of her irresponsibility is not one of them.

The 28-year-old United Kingdom woman recently shared her story with iNews. Like so many abortion activists, she claimed women are wrongly being “shamed” for aborting their unborn babies.

“I fell pregnant during a period where I was very single and I had slept with three guys in a month,” Leanne wrote. “I wasn’t on the pill but I was using condoms.”

When she found out she was pregnant, Leanne said the thought of parenting never crossed her mind. She said she knew right away that she wanted an abortion, and she decided not to tell the father.

“Looking at when my last period fell, I realised it was probably one of two people,” she said. “One was a guy I was kind of seeing and the other is going out with someone I know now, which is really awkward. I never told him. I didn’t feel like I could tell either of them at the time.”

Later, she said she figured out which guy it was and told him. He took the news well but wished she had told him before aborting their unborn baby, she said.

Leanne said she does feel guilty for having “stupid, extremely drunk, unprotected sex.”

“I felt guilty that I ever got pregnant. I felt guilty because I’m educated and I have access to contraception,” Leanne wrote. “I don’t feel guilty I had an abortion. I feel guilty I got pregnant.”

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She did not express any remorse for taking her unborn baby’s life in an abortion.

Leanne did not mention many details about her pregnancy or abortion, but even if she aborted her unborn baby at a very early stage, her baby already was a living human being with his or her own unique DNA. He/she almost certainly had a heartbeat, too.

This was Leanne’s own child, a child who was alive because of her irresponsible choices, a child who depended on her for his/her survival and protection. Yet, abortion activists have convinced some women that it is ok to have an unborn baby’s life destroyed purely for convenience, and then to blame society when they feel badly about it.