Abortion Clinics in Houston, Texas Still Offering Free Abortions a Month After Hurricane Harvey

State   |   Texas Right to Life   |   Oct 11, 2017   |   12:28PM   |   Houston, TX

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texans are still struggling to rebuild lives destroyed in the catastrophic flooding in and around Houston. Pro-Life pregnancy centers continue to respond to the urgent needs of the storm’s latest victims. Other natural disasters have taken the national media focus away from Texas as devastating storms made landfall in the U.S. and several tropical islands. Although the national attention has moved on, many Texans are still in desperate need of assistance.

In the weeks following Harvey abortion groups took advantage of the tragic situation to fundraise for abortion. Ignoring the pressing needs of pregnant women and their families, groups like the Lilith Fund and Whole Woman’s Health raised a combined $40,000 to pay for abortions. When women and their children need resources in order to live, the abortion industry offers them only more loss by ending an innocent Life.

Disturbingly, in the past week, two ambulances were seen leaving the Planned Parenthood mega-abortion clinic in southeast Houston. Pro-Lifers fear the emergency vehicles may have been responding to cases of botched abortions. Desperate women seeking elective abortions in a time of crisis are endangered by the abortion industry that claims to help them.

Despite the fact that several Pro-Life pregnancy centers sustained damage during the storm, they have continued to reach old and new clients with much-needed aid. Sylvia Johnson, executive director of Houston Pregnancy Help Center, Inc., which has three locations in Houston, spoke with Texas Right to Life about the needs clients have in the aftermath of Harvey. Johnson said, “We’re seeing a lot of depression and emotional pain—the pain of losing everything. Especially in our Fifth Ward center, we’ve seen several clients rejected by FEMA. These are truly the disenfranchised and forgotten.”

In response to the increased needs, Johnson said her pregnancy centers now have 24-hour call answering and have increased online ads. The online advertising, through Heroic Media, helps Pro-Life pregnancy centers reach abortion-vulnerable women when they search the internet for information about abortion. Once an abortion-minded woman contacts a crisis pregnancy center, staff, and volunteers can work to address her needs, giving her the power to choose Life even in difficult circumstances.

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The pregnancy center has also partnered with Santa Maria to offer counseling services to at-risk pregnant women. The enhanced counseling services help to address the emotional needs of vulnerable women following the natural disaster. In addition to reaching new clients, Houston Pregnancy Help Center has been contacting past clients and assisting with clothing and diapers for older children, as well as connecting families with assistance programs offered throughout the city.

When asked about the most urgent need for Pro-Life pregnancy centers following the storm, Johnson did not hesitate before responding: “More volunteers. If we have more volunteers, we can see more women.” Women and families in crisis need real solutions. The abortion industry ignores the true cost of abortion for mothers struggling in difficult circumstances. When pregnancy centers can reach these women and offer them friendship, lives are saved. Consider volunteering or supporting your local crisis pregnancy center in their work. On the long road to recovery, Texas families need our continued support.

LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from Texas Right to Life.