Woman Jailed Only 3 Years for Dumping Her Newborn Baby in a Bag on the Side of the Road

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 5, 2017   |   5:09PM   |   Washington, DC

A woman convicted of killing her newborn baby girl in Germany will spend three years behind bars, a court decided Wednesday.

The Daily Mail reports the woman, Rozina G., 23, of Eritrea in the Horn of Africa, threw her newborn daughter into a shopping bag and left her along the side of the road in October 2015 in Germany. Authorities said the baby, who was born healthy, died of hypothermia and respiratory arrest about 30 minutes later.

Authorities said they later found the baby’s body in a trash can at a bus stop in Suelfeld in northern Germany. Apparently, someone threw the bag into the garbage not knowing that the dead baby was inside.

According to the report, Rozina G. conceived the baby after she was gang-raped in a refugee camp. She came to Germany from her home country in the Horn of Africa, the report states.

Rozina G. was convicted of manslaughter by omission earlier this week.

Residents of the small Germany town where the crime occurred held a funeral and baptism for the dead baby and named her Teresa, according to the report.

Bernd Winterfeldt, the state prosecutor in the case, pointed out that the young woman failed in her responsibilities as a mother. He said they do not know why she abandoned her baby rather than make an adoption plan.

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Winterfeldt said Rozina G. abandoned her child to die “in a phase where a life cannot be more vulnerable.”

Sadly, if the young woman had chosen abortion instead, there would be no crime and no prosecution. Before birth, babies are the most vulnerable of all human beings because their lives are not considered valuable under many countries’ laws. Every year, tens of millions lose their lives to legal abortion procedures.