Even Partial Repeal of 8th Amendment in Ireland Would Allow Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions

International   |   ProLife Campaign   |   Oct 2, 2017   |   12:24PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

The Pro Life Campaign has said there is no real difference between “partial” or “full” repeal of the 8th Amendment since both options would strip unborn babies of all meaningful protections under the law.

PLC spokesperson Dr Ruth Cullen made her remarks at an awareness event in Grafton Street earlier today in advance of today’s ‘March for Choice’ in Dublin. The PLC is also holding similar events in 21 locations throughout the country today, where volunteers will distribute literature to members of the public.

Commenting on the weekend’s ‘March for Choice’, Dr Cullen said: “There is much speculation at present about whether any referendum proposal would be ‘restrictive’ or allow abortion in wide-ranging circumstances.

“In reality any form of repeal would deliver the same result – an abortion regime in Ireland, where it would become impossible to have any meaningful protections for unborn babies. The experience from other countries proves this over and over again.

“Talk of legalising abortion up to, say, 12 weeks is nothing more than plucking a time limit from thin air. And as soon as someone says the limit should be 12 weeks, someone else chimes in to say it should be 18 weeks, 22 weeks or even up to birth.”

Dr Cullen continued: “Legalised abortion is public policy in defiance of science. We either protect every human life in our laws or we end up protecting no one. Once it is conceded that unborn babies are unworthy of legal protection in some situations, it is in effect saying that no unborn babies have any intrinsic value.

“It might be popular with some to attack the 8th Amendment at every turn and overlook all the good it has done for this country. But the fact is there are thousands of people alive today in Ireland thanks to the 8th Amendment. That’s something we should celebrate and cherish not denigrate.

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“I am confident support for full retention of the 8th Amendment will grow and grow as people realise what the alternative would entail and the countless innocent lives that would be lost through abortion.”