YWCA Honors Woman Who Volunteers at Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 29, 2017   |   12:47PM   |   Greenwich, CT

You can tell a lot about an organization by the people who it honors.

This week, the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) in Greenwich, Connecticut honored a woman who is a dedicated volunteer at the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

The Greenwich Time reports the YWCA Spirit of Greenwich awards are highly regarded in the local community. The organization gives the annual awards to women who have “gone above and beyond” to serve their community.

One of this year’s recipients is Laura Geffs whose multiple community service roles include volunteering at Planned Parenthood, the top abortion business in America.

Mary Lee Kiernan, president of the local YWCA, said Geffs and the other award recipients exemplify their “core values” by committing themselves to causes that “change lives.”

“These honorees are extremely talented women who have chosen to utilize their talents and their efforts in the most unselfish and priceless way and that is to help others in need in this community and beyond,” Kiernan said.

The YWCA must think Planned Parenthood helps women in need. The “Christian” organization has a long history of partnering with the abortion chain to push its pro-abortion agenda.

But Planned Parenthood is first and foremost an abortion business. The top abortion provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood kills more than 300,000 unborn babies every year, and leaves many of their mothers scarred for life.

Yet, the YWCA continues to work with and promote Planned Parenthood and abortions.

Just yesterday, the organization posted a message on Twitter about its work with some of the top pro-abortion groups in the United States, including Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March and the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Earlier this summer, a YWCA partnered with a Planned Parenthood in Nebraska to host a workshop about racism.

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And in 2008, it backed a radical pro-abortion bill that would have overturned virtually all pro-life laws and instituted abortion on demand.

Dr. Lorraine Cole, CEO of the YWCA at the time, told CNS News that her group would be fine with the radical pro-abortion bill becoming law.

“Well, the YWCA has always been pro-choice, so this is a topic that we would be very supportive of,” she said.

The women’s organization also has posted blogs supporting abortion and opposing ultrasound laws that provide women with information about their unborn babies.

In 2012, Danielle Marse-Kapr, the gender equity coordinator for the YWCA of Orange County, wrote about how the organization mobilizes young women in the “reproductive rights fight” – meaning abortion.

The YWCA also is on Life Decisions International’s Boycott List. The list identifies groups that support or partner with the abortion industry or abortion advocacy groups.

Abortion, Planned Parenthood’s key focus, does nothing to empower women. It destroys unborn babies’ lives and freedom in violent, inhumane procedures and demeans women by telling them that their future success depends on their ability to kill their unborn child.

ACTION: Contact the Greenwich YWCA.