What if the NFL Players Were Protesting Abortion Instead?

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 27, 2017   |   5:17PM   |   Washington, DC

NFL players across the country are refusing to stand and put their hand on their heart during the national anthem. Their decision is causing national and international debate over what is  appropriate when it comes to political protests.

Many Americans support the Free Speech rights of the NFL players to protest but a large percentage of Americans believe protesting the national anthem is not appropriate and it’s disrespectful to the country. They believe the football players should choose another venue to protest what they perceive as racism.

Because the NFL football players are protesting racism — the mainstream media and many on the left are hailing them as Heroes.

But what if they were protesting for a cause that is not seen as quite so cool in the media limelight. What if they were protesting for people who Hollywood Elites look down upon? What if they were refusing to stand and place their hands on their hearts and respect to their country to back a class of people who faced the ultimate discrimination?

What if they were sitting down or kneeling to protest abortion?

That is a question one opinion columnist has asked:

The media are so excited that some NFL players had the courage to disrespect our nation’s flag this past Sunday, protesting racism in America. The coverage locally and nationally could not be more sympathetic. Ten New Orleans Saints sat during the national anthem, and Coach Sean Payton proclaimed he was proud of every one of them.

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Question: What would have happened if some players wore a patch Sunday, with a baby on it, protesting abortion? Do you think the media would be doing backflips to praise them? How about the Saints organization or the NFL? Would we have seen the same support as we did from elites for the national anthem protesters? Would Coach Payton express his pride for his men for standing up for the unborn? We will never know because the NFL would have shut down a pro-life protest before it could begin.

Remember the tragic police massacre in Dallas last year? Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted his team to wear a decal on their helmets honoring the five officers killed in an ambush. The NFL would have none of it. But protesting the flag? Have at it, boys!

It’s easy to protest for a fashionable cause. Thank God there are a handful of NFL players who have taken up the cause of the unborn.