Woman Cut Pregnant Mom’s Throat So She Couldn’t Scream While She Cut Out Her Baby From Her Womb

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 26, 2017   |   3:43PM   |   Washington, DC

Two years ago, a New York woman who was nearly 9-months pregnant died after a childhood friend cut her unborn baby from her womb in an attempt to pass the infant off as her own. Angelikque Sutton, 22, had been stabbed multiple times across her body. Sutton visited 22-year-old Ashleigh Wade at her apartment, where police say Wade stabbed Sutton to death, and then carved her baby out of her stomach.

Police say Wade had been telling people for months she was pregnant, even posting a baby registry and due date online. But police say she was never pregnant. Wade was reportedly friends with Sutton back in elementary school, and the two had reconnected before Wade invited Sutton to her apartment. That’s where police found Wade and Sutton’s body.

The unborn baby survived the attack.

Now, Wade faces murder, criminal possession of a weapon and other charges. Wade claims she killed her friend in self-defense and cut open her stomach to get the baby in an effort to “save the baby.

After initially claiming she had just given birth to the baby herself, Wade later changed her twisted tune and said it was her pregnant victim who attacked her inside her home on Monticello Ave. in Wakefield.Wade claimed Sutton lunged at her with a knife, but she wrestled it away and jammed it into the pregnant woman’s neck. She then cut open Sutton’s stomach to save the unborn child, she told cops.

“She said she wanted to save the baby,” a police source with knowledge of the case said.

Like other bizarre cases in which women have cut out unborn babies from a pregnant woman’s stomach, it appears Wade was obsessed with babies and wanting a baby — going as far as claiming she was pregnant.

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Now, new information indicates Wade cut Sutton’s throat so she couldn’t scream while she cut out her baby.

Wade allegedly cut Sutton’s throat, preventing her to scream before cutting her baby girl from her womb.

‘This was an attack that took place in stages,’ Assistant Bronx DA Meredith Holtzman told the jury during Wade’s trial.

She said Wade had feigned pregnancy in the months prior to the horrific murder.

‘The defendant attacked Ms. Sutton by stabbing and slashing her repeatedly in the face and neck,” Holtzman said.

‘The defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s larynx​ ​— her voice box. Ms. Sutton could not scream, could not say a word. She cut her major blood vessels.

‘What the defendant did to her next is almost unspeakable.

‘Because after she had rendered Ms. Sutton unable to scream, unable to move, the defendant took a kitchen paring knife and sliced Ms. Sutton’s abdomen open at the bottom half.

‘Once she had cut Ms. Sutton’s abdomen open, the defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s uterus entirely out. She cut that uterus open, took baby Jenasis out, and discarded that uterus on the bathroom floor.’