Perez Hilton Says Kylie Jenner Should Kill Her Baby in an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 25, 2017   |   12:30PM   |   Washington, DC

What Perez Hilton did to Kylie Jenner and her unborn baby over the weekend serves as a strong example of just how often women are pressured to abort their unborn babies.

Hilton, a celebrity blogger, said he would have urged the 20-year-old reality show star to abort her unborn baby if she was his daughter, the International Business Times reports. And he openly admitted that he would do the same if his own young daughter came to him pregnant in a similar situation.

Rumors spread Friday of Jenner’s pregnancy with her fiance Travis Scott. However, Jenner had not confirmed the news as of Monday morning.

Hilton blasted Jenner in a YouTube video over the weekend, claiming she will be a bad mother and her unborn baby is better off dead (in other words, being brutally chopped apart or dismembered and pulled out of the womb in an abortion).

“I truly believe if I were Kris Jenner, the best option for Kylie and her future and for that child would have been for her to abort that baby,” Hilton said in the video. “… And I would say the same thing to my daughter if she were to get pregnant under similar circumstances: her age, not a stable relationship, her just being totally unfit to be pregnant, in my opinion.

“Um, I love life, I love babies. If I were Kris Jenner, I would tell that girl to get an abortion!” he said at another point.

Hilton faced sharp backlash, as well he should have. For someone who claims to be pro-choice, he is not promoting a choice for Jenner or his own daughter. He publicly admitted that he would pressure both of them to abort their unborn babies, rather than let the choice be theirs alone. It calls into question what would happen years down the road if his daughter came to him pregnant, asking for support and encouragement because she wanted to parent or make an adoption plan for her child.

The truth is that many women and girls face heavy pressure to abort their unborn babies, often from their parents or a partner. All too often an abortion is not the “choice” that the abortion industry sells it as. A study published in the Medical Science Monitor found that as many as 64 percent of post-abortive women say they felt pressured to have an abortion.

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People described Hilton’s comments as “beyond disgusting” and asked “why you telling a woman what to do with her body?” But he did not apologize.

Here’s more from IBT:

A few days later, Hilton tried to make things clear by uploading another video on his YouTube channel. The dad of two explained that he didn’t mean that Jenner should get an abortion right now, but it’s something that he would’ve encouraged her to do if he were her parent. The blogger continued by saying that the circumstances are not in Jenner’s favor since she’s still very young, and her relationship with Travis Scott is not stable.

Hilton is a single dad to his children, Mario, 4, and Mia, 2 – who were both delivered via surrogates. In the video, he also said that if his daughter would tell him that she’s pregnant at a young age, he will also encourage her to get an abortion.

Hilton’s comments expose how legalized abortion really is not about women’s rights or freedom. Too often, it’s about a boyfriend, husband or father trying to escape their responsibilities by pushing a medically invasive procedure that kills a member of their family and injures another.

These types of attitudes are precisely what the early feminists were referring to when they called abortion the “ultimate exploitation of women.” As Hilton’s rant proves, even women in the richest, most privileged families in the world are not receiving the support that they and their babies deserve.