Comedy Central Show “Broad City” Celebrates Abortion, Depicts Pro-Lifer Holding “Jesus Hates You” Sign

National   |   Karen Townsend   |   Sep 22, 2017   |   11:31AM   |   Washington, DC

The opening of the September 20 episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, titled “Twaining Day,” provided a glimpse into the attitude of today’s pro-abortion feminists and the result was as tragically ridiculous as you might imagine.

Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) don clinic escort vests and, in the case of Ilana, a pink pussy hat, and are shown casually chatting about haircuts while walking a young woman past a crowd of pro-life protesters outside an abortion clinic. The angry, shouting protesters are holding absurd signs that say things like, “Aborted babies are the number one spotted ghosts at haunted locations in America” and “Jesus Hates You.”

Ilana tells the girl, “Your body, your choice – it’s simple,” as she is led to the front door. That worn-out 70s expression never gets old to the people not concerned at all about the body of the unborn baby. And calling abortion “simple” is a slap in the face to so many women hurt by their abortions.

As the two women turn and walk back down the sidewalk, Ilana takes a toke of her joint and blows the smoke into a male protester’s face. She tells him, “You don’t know how much you need that.” Mimicking her, Abbi does the same to a protester on her side of the sidewalk and says, “You need to chill!”

Next, the male protester is munching on a cookie and asking himself, “Why are we doing this?” as a woman protester yells, “What if they had aborted baby Jesus?”

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Abbi: Do you think I should keep the bangs grown out long or cut ’em like Amelie style?
Ilana: Keep ’em growing out, more witchy.
Abbi: Bangs grown out are witchy?
Ilana: Yeah, but that’s a good thing. Witch shit is (bleep)ing hot, dawg. Ha. Hot dog!
Abbi: So, you’re gonna head inside right here, Judy’s gonna be in there to greet you and help you fill out all your paperwork.
Ilana: And remember, you are a strong queen. Your body, your choice. Simple.
Protester: They’re God’s children.
Ilana: You don’t know how much you need that!
Abbi: You need to chill! So what else is witchy?
Ilana: Clogs, long nails, short nails, soup.
Abbi: Huh. Flutes?
Ilana: Yas flutes.
Protester: Why are we doing this?

How insulting to pro-life advocates. It is as though a bit of pot smoke is going to change the religious beliefs and moral positions of pro-life people and they only need to chill out. The quick turn-around of the man’s attitude may be a reality in the minds of those two stoner women but thankfully, that isn’t reality in the real world of people of faith.

LifeNews Note: Karen Townsend writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.