Poll: More Hillary Voters Regret Their Presidential Vote Than Trump Voters

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 20, 2017   |   6:29PM   |   Washington, DC

Judging by the reporting from the liberal media it would sound as if Americans regret voting for President Donald Trump because he supposedly is out of touch with Americans and is inept on economic and foreign policy.

But new polling data shows that more voters for Hillary Clinton regret their presidential vote then voters for President Donald Trump.

For pro-life voters that makes perfect sense. Voters who were concerned about restoring pro-life policies after 8 years of President Obama’s abortion agenda have appreciated President Donald Trump’s actions taken to push the pro-life agenda.

Has signed executive orders to defund the international Planned Parenthood abortion business as well as to defund UNFPA which promotes abortion globally and population control policies in China. Trump has also cut taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood for a sex education programs that have proven ineffective and are unpopular with parents who want to promote values to their teenage children.

Here’s more:

According to a new national Politico/Morning Consult survey, 2016 election buyers’ remorse is more prevalent among Hillary Clinton’s voters than those who cast ballots for President Trump.  “Among Clinton voters, 13 percent say they would either vote for a different candidate or not vote at all,” the survey finds, while that number among Trump backers is four points lower.

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The more she talks, the less popular she becomes.  It’s not necessarily all that surprising that there would be more agita and recriminations on the losing side of a major campaign, but we’ve been told endlessly that Trump is so uniquely terrible that it would stand to reason that feelings of horror and regret would be fairly prevalent among casual voters.  Nope.  And given the national climate, one might imagine legions of Americans taking greater pride than ever in their original act of “resistance.”  Not so in many cases, it seems.

None of this will sit well with the failed candidate, who has written a tendentious, blame-filled account of the race in What Happened.  In a passage that perfectly encapsulates her sneering entitlement and undying arrogance, Clinton writes that she’s unwilling to grant “absolution”her word! — to those who might regret their choices.