Nanny Caught “Violently Flinging a 9-Month-Old Baby Into Her Cot Like a Rag Doll” Faces Murder Charge

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 20, 2017   |   12:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Annemarie Theron did not want to suspect that her daughter’s nanny was causing the infant girl’s bruises.

Theron said she hired Nicolin Hoeses to watch her infant daughter after friends highly recommended her; but the new mom installed a “nanny cam” last Wednesday after noticing odd bruises on her daughter’s body.

The Daily Mail reports the Namibian mother watched the video several hours later and, to her horror, saw Hoeses throwing her baby girl into a crib and then walking away while the infant cried. In the video posted on the Daily Mail, the nanny can be seen holding the baby girl almost like a rag doll and tossing her violently into the crib.

Police have since arrested Hoeses on attempted murder charges.

“When I saw what she had done to Laila, I cried and cried,” Theron told the Mail. “I held my baby girl close and kept telling her I was so sorry.”

She said Laila’s physical injuries are not permanent, and she appears to be doing well now.

Theron said Hoeses has four children of her own, and she is concerned about their well-being. She said the family who recommended Hoeses also is trying to find out if their children suffered abuse.

“They feel absolutely terrible now,” Theron said. “They had had no suspicions about her at all, but are now doing their own investigations with the children with the help of a therapist.”

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Here’s more from the report:

The mother, a sales and reservations manager at a tourist lodge in the town of Outjo, recalled finding bruises on the bottom of Laila’s feet in July and then noticed bruises on her neck and shoulders last month.

‘I didn’t want to be a paranoid first-time mum, and I didn’t want to confront the nanny as I had no proof. I did not want to make her angry towards me and put my child in danger. It was very difficult to leave each morning to go to work.

‘My husband was home for a couple of days earlier this month and thought that Laila seemed frightened of her childminder.

‘One day, she had had a fall, we were told, and had a bruise above her eye which were so swollen with all the crying she had done. She looked terrible.’

According to authorities, Hoeses will appear in court in October. She currently is in prison.

Many believe that such horrific abuses stem from a more wide-spread cultural problem that devalues human life.