Hey Hillary, America Rejected You Because You’re a Pro-Abortion Radical

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Sep 14, 2017   |   12:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is out with her new book, What Happened, a postmortem on her (second) failed presidential run. In behavior that is often thought of as typical for political liberals, Clinton has trouble with taking personal responsibility for her election loss, blaming numerous people and even Russia for her defeat.

Every time I’ve watched her since the election, I get that uncomfortable feeling I used to get in college when a girlfriend of mine would come back to me time after time with stories about her awful ex-boyfriends. At some point, I just wanted to stop listening to the self-pity and say, “Maybe the problem is you?”

Further proof that Clinton has failed to look inward for election defeat is evidenced in her latest interview, where she stated that abortion should now be a litmus test for Democratic Party candidates.

This is the latest push from Planned Parenthood and other abortion extremists. They’ve recognized that Bill and Hillary’s 1992 politically-advantageous slogan of “safe, legal, and rare” hurt their cause as it admitted that something was intrinsically wrong with abortion — because if it wasn’t, then why make it rare?

So, Clinton decided to right her decades-old “wrong” in 2016 by calling for taxpayer-funded abortion on-demand in all nine months of pregnancy. She joined forces with her pals at Planned Parenthood, who broke protocol to endorse her run for the presidency and commit tens of millions even when 100 percent pro-abortion Bernie Sanders was still in the ring.

But I can’t help but ask, did she learn anything from the 2016 election?

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, is still under fire for selling the body parts of babies they aborted and their federal funding will be re-directed as soon as Republicans in Congress get their act together on healthcare. The public’s view of abortion is majority negative, with younger people in agreement that abortion is wrong.

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The pro-life movement has grown exponentially in the past decade. Today, there are more than 3,000 pro-life pregnancy help centers across the nation and, on college campuses, Students for Life groups outnumber pro-abortion groups by 4-to-1. On Election Day last November, abortion was the top searched issue in regards to Clinton’s campaign on Google.

What happened is that voters rejected Clinton’s extremist, pro-abortion agenda. They rejected the notion that churches and taxpayers should be forced to pay for abortions and abortifacient drugs. Voters rejected the idea that the Supreme Court should continue to find the non-existent Constitutional right to abortion.

Yet, Clinton and the Democratic Party seems to have learned nothing from the election. Instead, they have doubled down on their failed, extremist agenda, hoping that the infamous rule of her mentor Saul Alinsky, “if you push hard enough against a negative, it will become a positive,” proves true.

In 2016, voters rejected Hillary’s extremism, they cast their votes, and pro-life candidates won. Somewhere along the way, Clinton and the Democratic Party never got that message. If they continue to push their extremist agenda, the voters, including those in my generation, will reject them again. That’s what will happen.