Abortionist Says “I Believe That as an Abortion Provider I Am Doing the Lord’s Work”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 14, 2017   |   4:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Local pro-life advocates in Chicago will protest tonight at an event featuring an abortion practitioner who calls himself a Christian abortionist.

Pro-life advocates will gather at 5 p.m. today west of the Chicago Loop to oppose the claims of abortionist Willie Parker. The Pro-Life Action League will be advocating for the sanctity of life and sharing the grim reality of abortion with the public, outside of a fundraising party for a group that trains doctors and medical students to do abortions.

While Parker declares, “I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work.”

But Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, says that statement is completely disconnected from the tenets of Christianity.

“Christians confess that God created mankind and loves people sacrificially. The idea that Jesus—who said ‘let the little children come to me’—would condone abortion would be ludicrous, if it weren’t so dangerous.” said Scheidler. “Allowing children and women to be victimized by the brutality of abortion is about as far away from God’s plan as you can get.”

But Scheidler emphasized that while Christianity inspires many to take action against abortion, the moral question of abortion is not simply a matter of faith. “There is no question that a fetus is a living human being, as science has repeatedly affirmed. The victims of abortion are our brothers and sisters—the little girl who will never take her first step, the little boy whose only baby picture is a sorrowful image on a pro-life poster. We all have an obligation to protect their fundamental right to life.”

“The lost lives of these children, almost 60 million of them since Roe v. Wade, is not just as a political controversy or moral question, but a real, human tragedy,” stated Scheidler.

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According to abortionist Willie Parker’s version of Christianity, women should be allowed and encouraged to sacrifice their unborn babies’ lives to better their own.

Parker performs abortions in several states to help them do it. He calls it his “ministry.”

The southern abortionist has been traveling across the country during the past few months to promote his new book and claim that he is serving God by killing babies in the womb. Tonight he will get a pro-life response.