Judges Complain: Where Will Women Get Their Abortions if the Last Abortion Clinic is Closed?

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 12, 2017   |   12:21PM   |   Washington, DC

A court in Ohio is hearing a case regarding an unsafe abortion clinic in Toledo that is unable to protect women who are victimized by botched abortions because it has no transfer agreement with the local hospital to get them prompt care.

If the abortion clinic in question closes down then Toledo, Ohio will be one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation without an abortion facility. That prompted the two judges to wonder where women will get their abortions if the last remaining abortion clinic in the city is closed.

Here’s more:

Capital Care Network should be shut down because it failed to obtain a transfer agreement with a local hospital to take patients in the event of a medical emergency, as required by state law, said Stephen P. Carney, an assistant attorney general representing the state.

Transfer agreements with local hospitals ensure “guaranteed admission and continuity of care,” he said.

State attorneys are asking justices to overturn two lower court rulings that have allowed Capital Care to stay open.

Some justices appeared concerned about the potential impact on women seeking abortions.

“What’s the alternative for women in this area?” asked Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.

“I think Ann Arbor, Michigan,” Carney said.

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“Certainly we are not telling women you can’t have an abortion in Ohio but you can go to Michigan?” asked Justice William M. O’Neill.

The line of questioning is unbelievable. It is as if there are no alternatives to abortion and women are unable to choose life for their unborn child and either parent or consider adoption.

That two judges are simply unable to fathom a world in which abortion doesn’t exist and where pregnant women are able to obtain medical and material support from pregnancy centers or other agencies is sad indeed. This is the stranglehold that the abortion mentality has on society — that intelligent members of the judicial system are unable to comprehend the ability of society, religious groups,nonprofit organizations and the government being able to provide for pregnant women in need and that killing children doesn’t have to be the only option for women in an unplanned pregnancy situation.

What is the alternative? That we support pregnant women and their unborn children instead of killing them.