Missouri Had Just One Abortion Clinic Left, But Planned Parenthood Will Open Two More

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 11, 2017   |   4:54PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

A Planned Parenthood in Kansas City, Missouri is aborting unborn babies again after the abortion chain won a lawsuit to block state abortion clinic regulations earlier this year.

The abortion chain’s Kansas City facility re-opened in August and its Columbia location is expected to re-open any day now, according to the Columbia Tribune.

For about two years, the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis was the only abortion facility in the state after the Columbia Planned Parenthood closed for failing to comply with state health regulations in 2015.

The state regulations have helped to saved thousands of unborn babies’ lives since they passed in 2005. Many abortion facilities closed, dropping from seven in 2005 to two in 2014, because they could not or would not comply with the safety regulations. Abortion numbers also dropped steadily after the laws went into effect.

However, Planned Parenthood convinced a federal judge to block the health regulations in April. The state is appealing, but in the mean time, abortion clinics can re-open.

The Pitch reports the Kansas City Planned Parenthood has its first abortions scheduled for the week of Sept. 18. The Kansas City abortion clinic is offering abortion drugs, while the Columbia facility is expected to do surgical abortions as well as drug-induced abortions.

Local abortion activists rejoiced at the news that more unborn babies may be aborted again in Missouri.

Aaron Samulcek, interim president of the Planned Parenthood chapter in Kansas City, told the local news, “We are thrilled to announce that Missouri women can now access safe and legal abortion services at our midtown health center.”

The abortion chain also is working to re-open two more abortion clinics in Joplin and Springfield, Missouri, according to the report. All four had to re-apply for licenses through the state.

Steve Rupp of Missouri Right to Life responded to the new in an email to LifeNews:

Planned Parenthood will soon begin killing more babies in their Kansas City abortion facility and has vowed to open other baby-killer clinics in Columbia, Springfield and Joplin.

The blame for this lies at the feet of activist, pro-abortion judges appointed by past administrations. Retired Federal Judge Howard Sachs was appointed to the Western District Court in Kansas City by pro-abortion President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on September 25, 1979. He achieved retirement status in 1992 and takes a limited number of cases.

Today we are reaping the consequences to past elections of pro-abortion leaders and appointments of pro-abortion judges. Judge Sachs ruled that our Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services issue new abortion clinic licenses or be held in contempt of court.

While SB 5 passed in the recent Special Session could not stop these abortion clinics from opening, the provisions of SB 5 will serve to give more oversight and regulation on any abortion clinic in Missouri. We praise Governor Greitens and President Trump for their commitment to life.

We are profoundly disappointed in the numbers of lives that will be lost in these additional abortion clinics and we vow to fight Judicial activism and protect innocent human lives by electing more and more pro-life leaders!

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Here’s more from the Tribune:

The license applications state that Planned Parenthood expects to perform 220 abortions per year in Columbia and 500 in Kansas City. The applications triggered inspections of the facilities — standard for all health department licensing. The documents provided to the Tribune via Sunshine Law request show the detail of those inspections and Planned Parenthood’s response, including objections to attempts to enforce the kind of rules declared unconstitutional in the Texas case.

The Oct. 11 inspection of the Columbia clinic found more than 20 instances where it was not in compliance with licensing requirements, many for paperwork documenting the appointment of the doctors, pathologist contracts and plans for disposing of fetal tissue. Five of the items were not enforceable after Sachs issued the injunction.

Previously, Missouri Right to Life Legislative Liaison Susan Klein said U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs’ decision to block the state health regulations was extremely dangerous. She pointed to numerous failed inspection reports and ambulance calls to Planned Parenthood’s Missouri abortion facilities.

“Judge Sachs is giving a dangerous stamp of approval to Planned Parenthood’s history of having rusty equipment, dirty tables, expired drugs and untrained personnel offering services,” Klein said. “These infractions are in public inspection reports of the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis. This same Planned Parenthood has had at least 69 emergency ambulance calls since 2009.”

In July, state lawmakers approved new abortion clinic regulations in reaction to Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit. However, they have not taken effect yet.