Abortion Clinic Kills 15 Babies in Free Abortions Given to Hurricane Harvey Victims

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 11, 2017   |   4:03PM   |   Houston, Texas

At least 15 unborn babies who survived Hurricane Harvey will be slaughtered in abortions this month as part of a free abortions program at the Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain.

The abortion chain told the Texas Tribune this week that 15 women took up its offer for free abortions in the wake of the hurricane. It said six abortions are scheduled for its San Antonio facility and nine more will take place at its Austin location.

Their deaths will add to the 60-plus people who already died from the hurricane. Unfortunately, these unborn babies’ deaths will not be counted among the casualties.

Calling abortion a “service” to Texas women, the abortion chain said it will continue offering free abortions through September to women affected by the hurricane.

Disguised as compassionate, this offer only will add to the suffering and loss that thousands of Texans already are experiencing. The Texas abortion chain, notorious for failed health inspections, will kill unborn babies in abortions and leave their mothers emotionally and possibly physically damaged.

Yet, the liberal Texas Tribune highlighted the pro-abortion effort this week. Here’s more from its report:

“There’s not really a safety net, especially when it comes to health care — we really felt like it was important to step up and do our part,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health. “In any kind of natural disaster, women’s health care becomes a critical issue.” …

Whole Woman’s Health has been collecting donations for these services through its Stigma Relief Fund. Since announcing its Harvey relief efforts, the clinic has raised nearly $6,000. Costs for the 15 procedures scheduled so far will total just over $8,000.

The hurricane left at least 63 people dead and thousands more in need of food and shelter in and around Houston, Texas. While many people still are lacking basic needs, abortion activists have been focusing on getting victims to abortion clinics to kill their unborn babies.

Other abortion activists and pro-abortion groups also are fundraising off the natural disaster. The Free Beacon reported that one of the groups capitalizing off Hurricane Harvey is the Lilith Fund, which funds abortions and abortion advocacy. The Texas-based group set up an “Emergency Fund for Harvey Survivors” to raise money for hurricane survivors who are “seeking an abortion but cannot afford it.”

“With increased barriers like temporary clinic closures, displacement, loss of homes/vehicles, and more, access to abortion just got even more difficult for those affected by Harvey,” the group wrote.

Other abortion activists also have been urging people to donate to abortion groups to help hurricane victims abort their unborn babies. And the pro-abortion blog Romper dedicated a whole article to urging people to give donations for abortions.

In contrast, pro-life groups, pregnancy centers, Christian ministries and others are providing support for pregnant and parenting families in the wake of the hurricane. Find a list of places to donate to help hurricane victims here.

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Meredith Phillips, who helps operate a Christian housing ministry for pregnant moms called LifeHouse in Houston, told Pregnancy Help News that they had to relocate nine pregnant women and several staff members because of the flood. Since then, she has been reaching out to other expectant moms in the area and providing any resources that they can. To donate, click here.

Abby Johnson’s organization And Then There Were None also is helping moms and babies in the Houston, Texas area. Pamela Whitehead, prayer team coordinator and director of operations, is on the ground there doing outreach to women and providing supplies. The organization also set up a registry with items for moms and babies who lost everything or nearly everything in the hurricane. To learn more about donating items, click here.