United Methodist Pastor Runs Pro-Abortion Group: “It’s Time for the Religious Left to Rise Up”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 7, 2017   |   10:54AM   |   Louisville, KY

The Rev. Millie Horning Peters is pushing back as the United Methodist Church backs away from its pro-abortion past.

The Kentucky United Methodist preacher believes religious leaders should be more involved in promoting abortions and helping women get them, not less.

In an interview with Yes Magazine, Peters described how she has been fighting against efforts in her home state to protect moms and babies from abortion and encouraging other clergy to get involved, too.

“We’re seriously looking at the moral agency of women and what we can do—whether it’s a letter, a petition, [or] a bill,” Peters said. “We’ve got the power as individuals who are out for justice. We might as well get started with it.”

In her various roles with state pro-abortion groups, Peters has discouraged women from visiting pro-life pregnancy centers, spoken at pro-abortion rallies, testified in support of pro-abortion legislation and run booths at the state fair, according to the report. Other members of the pro-abortion groups she leads volunteer as abortion clinic escorts and drivers for women who need transportation to the abortion clinic.

“It’s time for the religious left to rise up,” Peters said of the current situation in Kentucky.

This week, the state and the last abortion clinic in Kentucky are in the midst of a legal battle to decide whether the abortion clinic should lose its license for not meeting state health and safety regulations. If the court rules in the state’s favor, Kentucky could become the first state without an abortion clinic.

The pro-abortion group Peters founded in 2014 has been fighting this and other efforts by state lawmakers to protect moms and unborn babies from abortion.

According to the report:

At the time that Peters got involved in the fight for reproductive rights, she was inactive in pastoral work and searching for her next calling. She said reproductive justice spoke to her like a moving scripture passage.

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Peters quickly immersed herself in the local reproductive rights movement. Soon, she learned about Concerned Clergy for Choice, a national network of 1,000 multifaith clergy members that advocate for reproductive health care education and services. And in August 2014, she helped establish a local chapter. Since forming, the Kentucky chapter of CCC has co-organized events that support access to reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education, and mobilize religious people against anti-abortion legislation.

Later, she also accepted a position as the chair of the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She said she became more passionately pro-abortion after church congregations looked down on her because she was a female pastor.

Peters told the magazine that she fights for women’s choice to abort their unborn babies out of a sense of compassion.

“The word compassion speaks of who I am and of my beliefs,” she claimed.

Yet, she has no compassion for the unborn babies who are brutally ripped and torn from their mother’s wombs, sometimes while their hearts still are beating. She has no compassion for these unique living human beings, these tiny children, who are created in the image of God and deserve a right to life.

Peters tried to explain how she can support the killing of unborn babies and be a Christian, saying: “When we face a situation, we have to do what is best for us in the moment. Life is complicated, but it is just my firm belief that God has given us a mind and given me a heart of compassion that reaches out to people. To be pro-choice is just a given.”

But this argument makes no sense. If God is fine with women having their unborn babies brutally killed because it is best for them “in the moment,” is God also ok with a woman allowing her toddler to jump off a bridge because he is throwing a tantrum that she just can’t handle? Or is God ok with a man abusing his wife because it feels “best” for him in the moment?

Hurting another human being or destroying their life is the opposite of compassion. God condemns acts of murder, betrayal, abuse. And Christianity teaches that every human life is valuable and deserves to be protected. Protecting and valuing other people is not always easy and often requires sacrifice, but it is what God calls his followers to do.

Unborn babies are some of the most vulnerable members of society today because Christian leaders like Peters ignore these biblical teachings. They see these innocent babies’ lives as expendable, worthless, instead of precious in the eyes of God.