She is an “Abortion Doula” to Provide Mothers Emotional Support While They Kill Their Baby

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 7, 2017   |   12:16PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Canada has some of the most pro-abortion laws in the world, but abortion activists claim there still aren’t enough ways for women to have their unborn babies aborted.

Shannon Hardy began an abortion doula service on Prince Edward Island in Canada after learning that there was no abortion clinic there, according to The Halifax Coast.

“No, it can’t be,” Hardy said when she first learned about it. “It blew my mind.”

Hardy, a trained birth doula who supports women through pregnancy and labor, said the fact prompted her to begin Maritime Abortion Support Services. Since she began the program six years ago, her pro-abortion group has provided abortion doulas to approximately 250 pregnant women as they had their unborn babies’ lives destroyed.

“I’ve had two abortions. I’ve had a miscarriage,” she told the newspaper. “I’ve had a stillbirth, and two live births … and for each experience, I needed someone.”

Hardy said abortion doulas do not provide medical advice, but they help guide women through the process. She said they answer questions, help patients work through their concerns and provide emotional support before and after the abortion.

Hardy herself also takes women to or from their abortion appointments. She said the Victoria General hospital abortion unit keeps her telephone number taped on a wall and calls her when a woman needs help or a ride home.

She also hosts abortion doula training events in the province, according to the report.

Hardy said she hopes women will have better access to abortion on Prince Edward Island now that the government has approved abortion drugs for common use.

But her abortion doula program is not truly supporting women in very vulnerable situations. Instead, it encourages them to choose the quick-fix option, which leaves them with a dead baby and potentially decades of grief and trauma.

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When abortion activists say they support choice for pregnant women, most of them really only support one: abortion. Women often feel driven to abort their unborn babies because they are struggling financially or lack support from family and friends. Then, when they go looking for support from the people who herald the cause of “choice,” they are betrayed.

Women and babies deserve better than abortion. And that’s why thousands of pregnancy centers exist across the world. They provide material and emotional support, facts and counseling that empower women to choose the best option for themselves and their unborn babies.