Amnesty International is Pushing to Legalize Abortion in Ireland Up to Birth for Any Reason

International   |   Precious Life   |   Sep 7, 2017   |   11:08AM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

Precious Life has accused Amnesty International of misleading and manipulating women and their families. On Thursday 7th September, Amnesty announced that the threat of prosecution had been lifted for those in the medical profession who offer abortion referrals in Northern Ireland. Precious Life said the announcement was false, and only served to expose Amnesty’s long-term plan – to introduce abortion in Ireland, right up to the moment of birth for any reason.

Grainne Teggart of Amnesty International hailed the announcement as a landmark policy change, claiming it was “a significant breakthrough in the fight for abortion rights here.” Amnesty’s announcement was also welcomed by Breedagh Hughes, NI Director of Royal College of Midwives.

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth said, “Amnesty’s announcement is ultimately misleading and manipulating women and their families. The law in Northern Ireland is clear and unambiguous. GPs, clinics and other organisations like Marie Stopes International and the FPA are unable to organise abortion referrals to England for NI women without exposing themselves to the risk of prosecution. They can only give advice.”

She added, “There is no such thing as a right to abortion and it is illegal in Northern Ireland. Women deserve better than abortion, the deliberate killing of their own child, and as various studies have shown us, women are much, much safer without abortion. The recent Care Quality Commission report exposed the unethical and life-threatening conditions and practices of Marie Stopes International, including 400 botched abortions within just 8 weeks.”

Mrs Smyth said Amnesty and Breedagh Hughes have absolutely zero disregard for our democratic process. “They display a total contempt for our pro-life laws that protect mothers and babies. Breedagh Hughes does not speak for the vast majority of midwives in Northern Ireland. Rather, she speaks solely for herself and her own pro-abortion agenda. She has brought shame on the Royal College of Midwives.”

“Amnesty do not care about women. They are hell-bent on pushing abortion, regardless of the shattering and proven consequences – not only for defenceless, innocent unborn babies – but also for the women who have abortions.”

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Bernadette Smyth concluded, “Amnesty International, among others, have campaigned for years for the Department of Health to issue specific guidelines and now we find these organisation using these same guidelines to manipulate vulnerable women. The guidelines are very clear, they have been accepted and implemented and this attack clearly shows that Amnesty have absolutely no respect for the fair and functioning democratic process here. This announcement has only served to expose Amnesty’s long-term plan – to introduce abortion in Ireland, right up to the moment of birth for any reason.”

Precious Life will continue working to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable.