Pro-Life Feminist: “I Lose All My Friends When I Talk About Why I Am Against Abortion”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 31, 2017   |   11:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Rosemary Geraghty doesn’t fit into any neat little, socially-constructed box when it comes to politics or religion or feminism or anything else for that matter.

A student at the University of Pittsburgh, she described herself to The Pitt News as “a purple-haired, nose-ringed, queer, feminist atheist.”

She also is a pro-life human rights advocate who believes that every human life is unique and valuable.

A senior political science and communications double major at the University of Pittsburgh, Geraghty is a strong advocate on campus for the humane treatment of all human lives and of animals.

Here’s more from the report:

Geraghty sees her consistent views as just one way to take some of the hypocrisy out of casual politics. But that’s more of a fortunate side effect, because she truly believes in it. She also doesn’t feel that she has to reconcile her views on abortion with her feminism in any way — the two can simply coexist. ….

Maria Fenner, the vice president of Choose Life, describes Geraghty as open-minded — specifically citing Choose Life’s counter-protest of the pro-choice march at Pitt in the spring as an example of her level head and her ability to not force her beliefs onto people.

“She always tells us that we’re not here to change people’s minds, but to educate them about what we believe,” Fenner said.

More than many pro-life advocates, Geraghty has had the opportunity to advocate for human lives both locally and nationally. She has been interviewed by a number of national news outlets and liberal blogs about being pro-life and a feminist.

“Everyone likes me when I get to be like, ‘Pro-lifers aren’t really pro-life!’ and I get a lot of friends,” Geraghty said. “Then I start to talk about why I am also against abortion, and I lose all my friends.”

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Though she has faced rejection, Geraghty does not seem ready to give up. Quite the opposite. She is the president of her university’s pro-life club, Choose Life at Pitt, and recently took on the role as the new media coordinator at Rehumanize International.

Formerly Life Matters Journal, Rehumanize is a young adult-led organization that promotes the consistent life ethic, which opposes the destruction of human lives at all stages by abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, war, capital punishment and more.

Rehumanize founder and executive director Aimee Murphy told the newspaper that Geraghty inspires her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rosemary shy away from a difficult conversation, whether it’s on abortion or war or torture or euthanasia,” Murphy said.

Like Geraghty and Murphy, many women have been reclaiming feminism as a movement that fights for the rights of unborn babies as well as women. Groups like Rehumanize, Feminists for Life, New Wave Feminists and others think, like the first wave feminists, that abortion hurts women as well as their unborn babies. They are working hard to take feminism back to its roots where both women and children are respected and valued in society.