Planned Parenthood Social Media Question About Dating Massively Backfires

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 30, 2017   |   4:33PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion chain Planned Parenthood did not get the answers it hoped to a dating question it asked yesterday on Twitter.

Looking for positive responses from its supporters, Planned Parenthood instead got a massive backlash from pro-lifers who exposed the abortion chain’s destructive practices. Overwhelmingly, the comments on the abortion chain’s post were negative; they called out Planned Parenthood’s destruction of unborn babies’ lives, its baby body parts trade, political spending, foundation in eugenics and lack of true care for women.

Early Tuesday evening, Planned Parenthood posed the question on Twitter: “Fill in the blank: The person I’m going out with can never ________. Tell us your dating dealbreakers.”

Watchful conservative journalists and other pro-life advocates quickly filled in the blanks with answers that did not please the No. 1 abortion business in America. Molly Hemingway, senior editor of the Federalist and Fox News contributor, appears to have been the first to comment. She quickly wrote “kill babies” in the blanks.

Other well-known pro-life advocates, including Abby Johnson, Catherine Adair and Lia Mills, also chipped in with their comments:

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Hundreds more followed. Here’s just a sample: