Creators of “Abortion Comedy” Don’t Realize There is Nothing Funny About Killing an Unborn Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 30, 2017   |   4:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Some topics are so sensitive that comedians won’t touch them, but the killing of unborn babies is no longer one of them.

One considered taboo, abortion has become the centerpiece of several pro-abortion “comedies” in the past few years – including plays, movies and at least one musical.

The latest to attempt an “abortion comedy” are Philadelphia artists Alice Yorke and Scott Sheppard. Philly Mag reports their team created a musical comedy about abortion titled “Uninformed Consent.” It is running at the Painted Bride theater this week in Philadelphia.

The pro-abortion musical is billed as “a dark comedy with original music that reveals the absurdity, hypocrisy, and misogyny of the most taboo topic in America.”

Here’s more from the local news:

The abortion musical has its roots at the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, where Yorke and the co-creators studied. Yorke says it was there that she developed a character of an “irate gun-toting fetus running around and shouting about how it would kill anyone who tried to hurt it.”

In those early days, there was also a Busby Berkeley-inspired song-and-dance kick-line of fetuses, though [it’s unclear if it’s] included in the final version.

“I want us to examine why we feel this way,” Yorke said about the reason why she created the pro-abortion musical. “I want people to reckon with themselves. This is a show about personhood, the right to bodily autonomy, and the violence of the partisan politics that surrounds this issue.”

The creators said they support abortion, but they claimed that they tried to explore the pro-life side in the musical, too.

“We don’t wanna serve up this didactic play that pats liberals on the back,” Sheppard said. “Abortion is hard. One one side, you have people who think that murder is happening. On the other side, it’s people thinking about women’s health. This is already a terribly divided debate. We didn’t want to just add heat to that fire.”

However, it’s clear that the musical comedy creators support the killing of unborn babies. They are encouraging theater-goers to donate to a local abortion clinic that aborts unborn babies up to 22 weeks.

They also complained about several pro-life advocates who showed up outside the theater to protest, According to the local news, the pro-lifers were holding photos of aborted babies – images that expose abortion as a human rights abuse.

Yorke complained that two men were carrying “sandwich boards with classic, horrible, mutilated pictures,” and the theater sent out a message warning people about the protesters.

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“Do not engage with them. We are calling Civil Affairs and we will call the police if they engage with you. We will still be doing the show and will provide you an escort to enter the theater if you need,” the theater company posted online.

It’s rather ironic that a group promoting abortion violence – something millions of Americans find extremely offensive and disturbing — is so worried about people being exposed to disturbing images of violence. Abortion is no joking matter. It is violence against the most vulnerable human creatures in all of society, babies in the womb.

From the moment of conception, unborn babies already are unique, living human beings with their own DNA. And by the time most women know they are pregnant, their unborn baby’s heart already is beating. Yet, these tiny human beings are killed at a rate of nearly 1 million every year in the United States. And that’s no joking matter.