“Tolerant” Feminist Writer: Divorce Your Husband If He Supports Trump

Opinion   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Aug 25, 2017   |   1:48PM   |   Washington, DC

Jennifer Wright, a writer at Harpers Bazaar, isn’t helping feminists appear any more tolerant. In fact, Wright throws out all ideas of commitment and peaceful co-existence with those who may disagree with us. “If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter; Divorce Them,” she writes in an op-ed from earlier this month.

The only reason Wright believes divorce might not be feasible is for financial reasons. Otherwise, Wright hits the point home, even writing in all caps to “DIVORCE THEM.”

Wright doesn’t merely believe that Trump and non-Trump supporters can’t co-exist. It’s that Trump supporters are bad people who don’t care about others. She writes:

Supporting Trump at this point does not indicate a difference of opinions. It indicates a difference of values.

Values aren’t like hobbies or interests. They don’t change over time, and they more or less define who you are. Trump’s administration may have been, for some of us, a time when what we value has become much clearer to us.

So, while you may be able to convince your partner that there is a more efficient way to load the dishwasher, you will never be able to convince them that they need to care about people they are fundamentally uninterested in caring about.

Wright writes using general, non-specific pronouns, but her other writing, as well as other recommend op-eds on the site, suggest Wright is focusing on women who should divorce their husbands.

Other articles of hers on the first page include:

  • Please Marry a Man Who Understands Feminism
  • Men Need to Stop Telling Women To “Take a Joke”
  • There is an Abortion Litmus Test and It’s Called Women’s F*cking Rights
  • Nice Guys Can Be Abusers, Too
  • Stop Telling Women They Need to “Marry Up”
  • Why Donald Trump Keeps Calling Women “Bloody”
  • Why a Pro-Life World Has a Lot of Dead Women In It
  • Why Women Are Never Allowed to Mess Up
  • “Pissing Pug” Statue Is Just Another Example of Men Trying to Quiet Women
  • Feminism Doesn’t Mean Liking Every Stupid Woman You Meet

Wright doesn’t mention her support for abortion in the divorce article, though she does in plenty others. In “Feminism Doesn’t Mean Liking Every Stupid Woman You Meet” she writes:

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Some basic tenets of feminism include believing that women should have equal opportunities, earn equal pay for equal work with their male counterparts, not have their worth reduced to their appearance, and have bodily autonomy (or “the freedom to murder babies!” if you’re a Twitter commenter visiting us from the Handmaid’s Tale). Being a feminist means working towards a world where those rights are not in question.

But if women are opposed to women’s rights? If they’re cheerfully complacent with sexual harassment or scaling back women’s opportunities? If they’re actively going to make life hard work for you and others like you? Speak the f*ck out. Don’t worry about seeming polite. Just worry about speaking out.

In criticizing the pro-life movement, claiming “Why a Pro-Life World Has a Lot of Dead Women In It,” Wright misinterprets the pro-life movement and its aims. Taking another page out of the feminist playbook, her sub-headline demands “Stop calling anti-abortion activists ‘pro-life.’ They’re not.” Her first few paragraphs are not much better:

These are not great times for choice in America. These are not great times to be a woman in America.

At least, not if you are a woman who believes that your body is your own.

Her article on the “Abortion Litmus Test” is mostly an anger and expletive filled rant, which, just as her articles do, has a theme of looking down upon women who don’t agree with her on this issue, where she laments how she might lose the “right” to have an abortion, in a country with some of the most relaxed abortion laws in the world.

Wright is hardly an atypical feminist who rabidly supports abortion and ridicules those who don’t agree with her. This is the face of the abortion, feminist movement.