North Korea Forces Pregnant Defectors to Have Abortions When They are Repatriated

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 25, 2017   |   9:56AM   |   Washington, DC

The human rights abuses in North Korea are many, but one of the less reported atrocities is forced abortions on mothers and their unborn babies.

The Pochon Ministry of State Security in North Korea has been forcing repatriated pregnant women to abort their unborn babies, according to Daily NK, a South Korean news site.

Reporter Lee Sang Yong explained that the leaders of the local security units are “in charge of maintaining general security in a region by monitoring and identifying dissidents or those who criticize the Kim family. The position is central to maintaining the stability of the Kim Jong Un regime, and the position holds high authority.”

Residents under the authority of Captain Park Yong Chol, head of the Ponchon security unit, said Park is a cruel leader. Recently, a source told reporters that he ordered his officers to stomp on the bellies of repatriated pregnant women to kill their unborn babies.

The report details the abuses against one mother and her unborn child:

According to the informant, a female defector referred to as Jeon in her mid 20s, had been living in China for several years. She was repatriated in the middle of May. Jeon was first investigated by the Ryanggang MSS and was then sent to the Pochon County MSS for further investigation. During the investigation, Captain Park, who was monitoring the inspection room, said to the interrogator, “How did she carry a Chinese baby all the way here?” After realizing the implicit instruction, the interrogator repeatedly struck the woman’s belly until the fetus was aborted.

Lee said most of the residents who they talked to are terrified of the local captain and describe him as a monster. Lee said national leaders actually have commended Park for his work and loyalty to Kim Jong Un.

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LifeNews also has reported accounts of infanticide in North Korea. A United Nations report in 2014 listed numerous human rights abuses in the Asian country, including the systematic murder and persecution of society’s most vulnerable – the unborn, newborns and those with disabilities.

In 2015, a woman who escaped the oppressive regime, Ji Hyunah, told The Telegraph her harrowing experience of being sold into slavery and later forced to abort her unborn child without anesthesia.

Forced abortions still are occurring in nearby China, too. China recently relaxed its one child policy by allowing families to have two children; however, human rights advocates say the country still forces women to abort their unborn babies if they do not follow China’s rigid family planning laws.

Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, wrote earlier this month at LifeNews:

Among other things, the Planned Birth Policy forbids out-of-wedlock births and childbearing without permission—even if it is a couple’s first child. So women who violate these rules are still being hunted down and, when found, aborted and sterilized.

In fact, they are being hunted down even more vigorously than before.  In part this is because you have more population control police chasing down fewer illegally pregnant women. In part, this is because there are fewer “illegal birth” fines for these same corrupt police to divide up and pocket.