Princeton University’s Office of Religious Life Raises Funds for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 22, 2017   |   5:01PM   |   Washington, DC

A sign of just how pro-abortion Ivy League universities have become, even Princeton University’s Office of Religious Life supports the abortion chain Planned Parenthood.

A few weeks ago, the office cosponsored the Run4AllWomen New Jersey to benefit the abortion chain, according to Campus Reform. Dr. Khristina Gonzalez, associate dean of the college, organized the event, and several faculty members from the office dedicated to promoting religion on campus participated, according to the report.

What promoting the killing of unborn babies has to do with religion is perplexing. The Princeton Office of Religious Life told Campus Reform that it “does not take a stance on the issue of abortion.” However, its reason for participating in the pro-abortion event was because “the total health care of all people is of concern to us, and Planned Parenthood provides a wide range of critical services to women and men” – which sounds a lot like a stance.

On the office Facebook page, Associate Dean of Religious Life Theresa S. Thames and Program Assistant Maya Wahrman posted a smiling photo of themselves and a message that they “fully enjoyed cosponsoring” the pro-abortion rally and fundraiser on Aug. 11.

The move angered a number of religious and pro-life students on campus. While not all pro-life advocates are religious, many base their position on the Judaeo-Christian principle that all human lives are valuable and deserving of protection.

Princeton Pro-Life told the campus news outlet that the campus office endorses freedom of religion, but by supporting Planned Parenthood, it is supporting a group that destroys religious freedom, the right to life and other basic human rights for millions of unborn babies.

“We affirm the essential dignity of the human person as well as an unborn child’s right to life, and we continue to work toward a future in which the right to life and freedom of religion (implicitly endorsed by ORL) are both understood to be indispensable to a larger, coherent philosophy of human rights,” the pro-life group said in a statement.

Here’s more from the report:

Kristan Hawkins, national president of Students for Life of America, was even more scathing in her condemnation of the ORL, calling it “ludicrous for a ‘religious life’ office to celebrate or fundraise for Planned Parenthood,” given that “every day, Planned Parenthood coerces 900 women into believing that abortion is their only option. During each abortion, a human life is ended and the other is negatively changed forever.”

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Unless the OLR “was representing a religion that believes it’s okay to kill innocent human beings, then it had no reason to be involved in the Planned Parenthood fundraiser,” Hawkins argued. “Instead, the office should be supporting groups that provide real life-saving and life-changing work, such as the 50+ pregnancy resource centers in New Jersey.”

Every year, the abortion chain Planned Parenthood destroys the lives of more than 300,000 unborn babies in abortions. What’s more, religious individuals should be concerned about the abortion chain’s other dubious practices involving the trading of aborted baby body parts, failures to report suspected child abuse and sex trafficking, Medicaid fraud and more.

Planned Parenthood does not support women. It kills baby girls in the womb every day and coerces pregnant women who often feel desperate and alone to kill their unborn babies. Religious individuals who want to care for the most vulnerable in society should work against Planned Parenthood, not for it.